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  1. Infradian
  2. Hemophiliac
  3. Vacuum
  4. Chromidrosis
  5. Stationary
  1. a not capable of being moved
  2. b (of a cycle) Ocurring less than once a day
  3. c a region empty of matter
  4. d suffers from a disease that causes uncontrolled bleeding - someone whose blood does not clot
  5. e The secretion of colored sweat

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  1. relating to sensation such as pain, warmth or pressure that can be felt anywhere in the body
  2. Control by power or authority.
  3. Pursuing one's goals and interests forcefully, sometimes inappropriately
  4. the action of following in order
  5. the marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals

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  1. FraternalAdjective beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation; of the ghostly world


  2. RhododendronA shrub or small tree with clusters of bell-shaped blooms, Usually characterized by "rosy" flowers


  3. Laborioussisterhood, a society or club of women or girls, usually in a college.


  4. OligonucleotideA polynucleotide whose molecules contain a relatively small number of nucleotides


  5. MillionControl by power or authority.


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