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  1. Pickling does not kill
  2. Common name for D. dendriticum - why?
  3. Geographic distribution of D. dendriticum - habitat?
  4. Pathology and Symptoms of P. westermani
  5. D. dendriticum adults live in
  1. a Migration of juveniles through coelom to lungs doesn't cause much damage, unless certain special tissues are hit. But once they get into lungs they stimulate an inflammatory response that surrounds the pair in granular tissue - causing ulcers, bleeding, fibrosis. Eggs form granulomas. Symptoms are breathing difficulties, chronic cough, bloody sputum - and if juvis migrate to spinal cord or heart or brain they can cause paralysis, heart attack or death from granulomas.
  2. b P. westermani.
  3. c Europe, Asia - 45% of cattle in switzerland. Some in USA and Australia. Habitat is grasslands where herbivores graze.
  4. d Lancet fluke, pointed body
  5. e bile duct

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  1. F. hepatica -except that there is no trauma to gut wall or liver parenchyma due to juvenile migration. You see a lot of biliary and liver damage -inflammation, fibrosis, hepatic degeneration, cirrhosis, bile duct distention/dysfunction
  2. 1. digenean 2. indirect life cycles - 2 I.H. 3. First I.H is a snail 4. D. dendriticum similar in length as P. westermani, but half the size.
  3. 2. 1ST I.H. = Snail. 2nd = Ant
  4. 1. 1 of 7 or more known species of Paragonimus that infect humans. 2. Adult resides in the lung 3. DH is many carnivorous animals. I.H is snail, then 2nd IH is freshwater crab and crayfish. Paratenic hosts possible if birds or small mammals eat crayfish or crabs
  5. Praziquantel.

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  1. Why is D. dendriticum rare in humanssheep, cattle, goats, pigs


  2. John and his gf went out and had crab at a sketchy restaurant and now he is having breathing difficulties, what could he have?P. westermani


  3. Geographic distribution of Paragonimus westermaniEurope, Asia - 45% of cattle in switzerland. Some in USA and Australia. Habitat is grasslands where herbivores graze.


  4. Life cycle of D. dendriticum (probs the only important thing to know about it)2. 1ST I.H. = Snail. 2nd = Ant


  5. Paragonimus westermani - 1. adults live where and how? 2. Eggs passed how? 3. After how long does egg hatch 4. What species of snail is IH? 5. Life stages1. Adults in DH live in lungs, pair up 2. Eggs in sputum or swallowed and passed in feces. 3. After at least 16 days in water miracidium hatches. 4. Thieridae snail is IH. 5. adult/egg/miracidium/sporocyst/redia/cercaria ( inside snail


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