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  1. 还是
  2. 这个
  1. a 【háishì】 [MOVABLE ADVERB] - or; either (used in questions); *** still; nevertheless; all the same; had better.
  2. b 【zhègè】or 【zhèigè】 [SPECIFIER + MEASURE] - this (one).
  3. c 【běn】 [MEASURE] - volume (of); (measure for books); *** the root or stem of a plant; foundation; basis; origin; capital; principal; original; one's own; native; this; current; present; according to; based on; book; edition; version.
  4. d 【zhāng】 [MEASURE] - Measure for stamps & flat objects); sheet (of) / (A Chinsese family name); *** open; spread; stretch; set out; display; magnify; exaggerate; opening of a new shop; a surname.
  5. e 【yào】 [ADVERB] - want to; going to; need to; *** important; essential; want; ask for; wish; desire; ask (or want) somebody to do something; wish to; must; should; it is necessary (or imperative, essential); shall; will; be going to; need; take; <conj.> if; suppose; in case.

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  1. 【jìxìn】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to mail letters.
  2. 【èr】 [NUMBER] - 2; *** two; different.
  3. 【mǎi】 [ACTION VERB] - to buy; *** purchase.
  4. 【guàhào】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to register (a letter or at the outpatient department of a hospital).
  5. 【jǐkuàiqián】[EXPRESSION] - How much money? Expecting a small quantity of money as an answer. This is an extra phrase not in the CME book.

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  1. 一共【yīgòng】 [ADVERB] - altogether; totaling; in total; **** in all; all told.


  2. 【hái】 [ADVERB] - still; yet (continuing); *** even more; still more; also; too; as well; in addition; passably; fairly; even.


  3. 多少钱【duōshao】 [NUMBER] / [QUESTION WORD] - How much?; How many?; *** number; amount; somewhat; more or less; to some extent.


  4. 【bǎi】 [NUMBER / MEASURE] - hundred; *** numerous; all kinds of.


  5. 【jiǎo】 dime; 10 cents; *** horn; bugle; something in the shape of a horn; corner; angle; cape.


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