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Here are the questions for the test for ch 27-30

What were the factors propelling America toward overseas expansion in the 1890s?

The desire to expand overseas agricultural and manufacturing exports, the yellow press of Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, and the ideologies of Anglo-Saxon superiority and Social Darwinism

Americans first became concerned with the situation in Cuba because

The battleship Maine exploded in Havana Harbor

Even before the sinking of the Main, the American public's indignation at Spain had been whipped into a frenzy by

William Randolph Hearst's sensational newspaper accounts of Spanish atrocities in Cuba

As soon as the U.S. declared war on Spain, Commodore George Dewey sailed to the Philippine Islands because

It was a Spanish holding and it would give us a hold in the east

Emilio Aguinaldo was

the leader of Filipino insurgents against Spanish rule, defeated Spain and taking Manila against American rule from 1899 to 1901

Pro-imperialist Americans argued that the Philippines should be seized because of

patriotism and economic opportunities

A major factor in the shift in American foreign policy toward imperialism in the lat 19th century was

the construction of an American-built isthmian canal between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Wanting to sit at the big boys table

The numerous near-wars and diplomatic crises of the United States in the late 1880s and 1890s demonstrated

the aggressive new national mood

To justify American intervention in the Venezuela boundary dispute with Britain, Secretary of State Olney invoked the


One reason that the British submitted their border dispute with Venezuela to arbitration was


Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani was removed from power because

she insisted that native Hawaiians should control Hawaii

President William McKinley asked Congress to declare war on Spain mainly because the

the American people demanded it

What was the Teller Amendment?

amendment to the declaration of war with Spain that stated the US would grant Cubans their independence after the war

What were the results of the Spanish-American War?

a guerilla war between Americans and Filipinos.

Why did the anti-imperialists in the 1890s oppose the U.S. acquisition of an empire?

the vast majority of Americans opposed such empire-building.

In 1899, an insurrection began in the Philippines because

the US refused to give the Filipino people their freedom

Describe McKinley's policy of "benevolent assimilation" in the Philippines

reluctantly acceded to and little appreciated by the Filipinos

America's initial Open Door policy was essentially an argument for

Free trade

China's Boxer Rebellion was an attempt to

Get foreign influence out of China

Teddy Roosevelt received the Republican vice-presidential nomination in 1900 mainly because

that nomination would remove him from the governorship of New York

The Republicans won the 1900 elections mainly because of

the prosperity achieved during McKinley's first term

Construction of an isthmian canal was motivated mainly by

desire to improve the defense of the US

The revolution in Panama began when

Chinese civilian and a donkey were killed.

Theodore Roosevelt defended his building of the Panama Canal by claiming that

he had received a "mandate from civilization."

What was the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?

added a new provision to the Monroe Doctrine that was specifically designed to justify U.S. intervention in the affairs of Latin American countries

What was the "Gentlemen's Agreement" that Teddy Roosevelt worked out with the Japanese?

caused Japan to halt the flow of laborers to America in return for the repeal of a racist school decree by the San Francisco School Board.

The muckrakers signified much about the nature of the progressive reform movement because they

sought not to overthrow capitalism but to cleanse it.

According to progressives, the cure for American democracy's ills was

more democracy

The progressive movement was instrumental in getting both the Seventeenth and Eighteenth amendments added to the Constitution. The Seventeenth called for____, and the Eighteenth called for_____.

Direct election of senators; graduated income tax

As a part of his reform program, Teddy Roosevelt advocated for____.

control of corporations, consumer protection and conservation of natural resources

Teddy Roosevelt believed that trusts

were here to stay with their efficient means of production

According to the text, Teddy Roosevelt's most enduring, tangible achievement may have been

his efforts supporting conservation

What was William Howard Taft's "dollar diplomacy"?

Taft's foreign policy - using American investments to boost American political interests abroad.

Before he was elected president in 1912, Woodrow Wilson had been a

State governor

Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism

campaigned for stronger control of trusts, woman suffrage, and programs of social welfare.

Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom

favored small enterprise, entrepreneurship, and the free functioning of unregulated and unmonopolized markets. Shunned the social-welfare programs and supported the fragmentation of trusts.

Why did Congress pass the Underwood Tariff?

It significantly reduced tariffs

The Sixteenth Amendment provided for____.

An individual income tax

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 guaranteed a substantial measure of public control over the American banking system through the final authority given to the

Federal Reserve Board

The two key goals pursued by progressives were to curb the threats posed by___on the one hand and___on the other.

Trusts; socialists

American involvement in the affairs of Latin American nations at the turn of the century usually stemmed from

Their indebtedness

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