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  1. indolence
  2. impudence
  3. benevolence
  4. vengeance, retaliation, reprisal
  5. expostulate
  1. a love of ease, laziness
  2. b reason with earnestly
  3. c personal, revenge
  4. d well wishing, may imply charitable deeds
  5. e shameless and often wanton boldness

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  1. nonmilitary service in gov
  2. change
  3. self-satisfied, contented, smug
  4. stresses charitable deeds
  5. an offender, someone to blame for a crime or fault

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  1. vituperativecondemn or abuse violently angrily


  2. moralespirit, state of courage or confidence


  3. celestialheavenly, of the sky


  4. capriciousnessinactivity, sluggishness, passivity,


  5. idiosyncrasiesminor peculiarities of personal behavior


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