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  1. incipient
  2. civil service
  3. vituperative
  4. falter
  5. presumption
  1. a in the early or beginning stages
  2. b assertiveness that goes beyond one's apparent rights or abilities
  3. c condemn or abuse violently angrily
  4. d nonmilitary service in gov
  5. e to weaken momentarily or to waver in one's determination; also to speak in hesitating words

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  1. truthfulness
  2. shameless boldness, espec in personal confrontatin
  3. counter accuse
  4. inactivity, sluggishness, passivity,
  5. rashness, reckless boldness

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  1. reuitalimpersonal repayment


  2. utilityusefulness, something useful


  3. utilitarianismstresses charitable deeds


  4. credulouswillingness to believe


  5. fallacyfalse reasoning, mistaken idea


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