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  1. somnolence
  2. culprit
  3. civil duties
  4. impudence
  5. subterfuge
  1. a normal obligations of a citizen
  2. b a trick, scheme,or artifice (to escape something unpleasant)
  3. c an offender, someone to blame for a crime or fault
  4. d shameless and often wanton boldness
  5. e drowsiness or sleepiness

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  1. deeds, gifts, benefactions on a large scale
  2. to waver in one's mnd, to be irresolute
  3. philosophy which takes as its practial goal the maximum happiness for the most people
  4. counter accuse
  5. truthfulness

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  1. inferencelove of ease, laziness


  2. effronteryto weaken momentarily or to waver in one's determination; also to speak in hesitating words


  3. incipientsees clearly, keenly or readily


  4. fallacyfalse reasoning, mistaken idea


  5. feinta pretended action to mislead opponent


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