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  1. presumption
  2. morale
  3. futile
  4. benevolence
  5. anomalous
  1. a spirit, state of courage or confidence
  2. b irregular, abnormal, unexpected
  3. c useless, ineffectual
  4. d assertiveness that goes beyond one's apparent rights or abilities
  5. e well wishing, may imply charitable deeds

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  1. fervent or zealous, burning, passionate,vehement
  2. love of ease, laziness
  3. defect in character or vision which causes deviation from what s normal, right, logical
  4. a trick more to mislead than outwit
  5. believable

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  1. veracityrashness, reckless boldness


  2. falterto weaken momentarily or to waver in one's determination; also to speak in hesitating words


  3. temeritytruthfulness


  4. empyreansky, firmament, or heaven. literally, the place of pure light or fire


  5. philanthropydeeds, gifts, benefactions on a large scale


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