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  1. credulity
  2. capriciousness
  3. vengeance, retaliation, reprisal
  4. ruse
  5. sloth
  1. a unpredictable behavior
  2. b willingness to believe
  3. c more sinister word for laziness
  4. d personal, revenge
  5. e a trick more to mislead than outwit

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  1. a trick, scheme,or artifice (to escape something unpleasant)
  2. fervent or zealous, burning, passionate,vehement
  3. philosophy which takes as its practial goal the maximum happiness for the most people
  4. impersonal repayment
  5. irregular, abnormal, unexpected

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  1. philanthropysluggishness, drowsiness, lack of energy


  2. undulateusefulness, something useful


  3. idiosyncrasiesminor peculiarities of personal behavior


  4. futileusefulness, something useful


  5. presumptionassertiveness that goes beyond one's apparent rights or abilities


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