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  1. habitat fragmentation
  2. population
  3. edge effect
  4. Law of Conservation of Matter
  5. energy pyramid
  1. a matter cannot be created nor destroyed
  2. b size of an organism's natural habitat is reduced or human civilization occurs
  3. c group of organisms of same species and same area
  4. d there is a greater species diversity and biological density than in the center of the ecological community
  5. e 10% of energy is transferred from 1 level to the next, 90% given off as heat, respiration, digestion, etc.

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  1. when a species settles for a smaller niche after battling against another species
  2. transition in species composition of a biological community, usually by a disturbance in community.
  3. releasing water vapor through stomata of plants or pores
  4. total sum of species' use of resources in environment
  5. organisms that consume secondary consumers or other tertiary consumers

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  1. biomagnificationproduction of ammonia or ammonium compounds in the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria


  2. producerorganism that can convert radiant energy or chemical energy to carbs


  3. pioneer speciesa species whose presence contributes to ecosystem's diversity and whose extinction would destroy other life forms


  4. detritivoreorganism that gets energy by consuming nonliving matter


  5. climax communityformed from populations of different species occupying the same geographic area


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