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  1. community
  2. primary succession
  3. biodiversity
  4. species
  5. indigenous species
  1. a species that originates from the area it lives in
  2. b formed from populations of different species occupying the same geographic area
  3. c # and variety of organisms in an area (ecosystem) more of it leads to better adaptability and chances of survival
  4. d ecological succession begins in a near lifeless area
  5. e organisms that are capable of interbreeding with 1 another but unable to with other species

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  1. where 2 ecosystems meet
  2. matter cannot be created nor destroyed
  3. size of an organism's natural habitat is reduced or human civilization occurs
  4. dependent on other complex organisms for food
  5. transition in species composition of a biological community, usually by a disturbance in community.

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  1. predation1 species feeds off another


  2. keystone speciesorganisms in first stage of succession


  3. population1 species feeds off another


  4. nichepioneer organisms, settle uninhabitable area and decomposes rocks to turn to soil, later lose to immigrants


  5. trophic levelfeeding levels on food chain


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