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  1. tertiary consumers
  2. ecological succession
  3. edge effect
  4. nitrification
  5. pioneer species
  1. a organisms in first stage of succession
  2. b transition in species composition of a biological community, usually by a disturbance in community.
  3. c (nitrogen cycle step 2) bacteria in soil convert ammonium (NH4+) to nitrate or NO3.
  4. d there is a greater species diversity and biological density than in the center of the ecological community
  5. e organisms that consume secondary consumers or other tertiary consumers

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  1. production of ammonia or ammonium compounds in the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria
  2. total sum of species' use of resources in environment
  3. the amount of time a resource spends in a reservoir or an exchange pool
  4. accumulation of a substance in various tissues of a living organism
  5. burning

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  1. biomagnificationprocess where concentration of toxic substances increase in each successive length in food chain.


  2. gause's principleno 2 species can occupy same niche at same time


  3. nitrogen fixation(nitrogen cycle step 2) bacteria in soil convert ammonium (NH4+) to nitrate or NO3.


  4. parasitism1 species feeds off another


  5. speciesorganisms that are capable of interbreeding with 1 another but unable to with other species


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