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  1. indigenous species
  2. predation
  3. assimilation
  4. ecological succession
  5. denitrification
  1. a species that originates from the area it lives in
  2. b nitrogen cycle step 4) specialized bacteria convert ammonia to NO3, NO2, AND N2 and releases back to atmosphere
  3. c transition in species composition of a biological community, usually by a disturbance in community.
  4. d (nitrogen cycle step 3) plant absorbs ammonium (NH3) and nitrate ions (NO3) through roots
  5. e 1 species feeds off another

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  1. no 2 species can occupy same niche at same time
  2. organisms that consume secondary consumers or other tertiary consumers
  3. amount of sugar that plants produce in photosynthesis ------ amount of energy that plant needs for growth, repair, etc.
  4. (nitrogen cycle step 2) bacteria in soil convert ammonium (NH4+) to nitrate or NO3.
  5. where large quantity of resources sits for long time

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  1. nichepioneer organisms, settle uninhabitable area and decomposes rocks to turn to soil, later lose to immigrants


  2. mutualismrelationship where both species benefit


  3. invasive speciesa species whose presence contributes to ecosystem's diversity and whose extinction would destroy other life forms


  4. nitrogen fixation(nitrogen cycle step 1) conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into compounds (ammonium)


  5. populationgroup of organisms of same species and same area


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