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  1. food web
  2. gause's principle
  3. Law of Conservation of Matter
  4. ecotones
  5. residency time
  1. a no 2 species can occupy same niche at same time
  2. b matter cannot be created nor destroyed
  3. c where 2 ecosystems meet
  4. d complex interrelated food chains
  5. e the amount of time a resource spends in a reservoir or an exchange pool

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  1. nitrogen cycle step 4) specialized bacteria convert ammonia to NO3, NO2, AND N2 and releases back to atmosphere
  2. smaller regions in ecosystems that share similar physical features
  3. survival of the fittest
  4. organisms that consume producers (plants and algae)
  5. where large quantity of resources sits for long time

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  1. lichenstotal sum of species' use of resources in environment


  2. pioneer speciesorganisms in first stage of succession


  3. nitrogen fixation(nitrogen cycle step 2) bacteria in soil convert ammonium (NH4+) to nitrate or NO3.


  4. biomagnificationproduction of ammonia or ammonium compounds in the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria


  5. heterotrophdependent on other complex organisms for food


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