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  1. Law of Tolerance
  2. tailings
  3. rule-of-70
  4. silviculture
  5. r-selected
  1. a organisms reproduce early in life and have high capacity for reproductive growth
  2. b managing forests for harvesting timber
  3. c gangue (waste from mining)
  4. d How far an organism can tolerate changes in environment
  5. e can predict long-term population growth (70/current growth=population will double in x years)

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  1. the cyclic movement of phosphorus in different chemical forms from the environment to organisms and then back to the environment
  2. fraction of solar energy reflected back into space
  3. flat platforms on the hillside that creates level ground and reduces soil runoff from the slopes
  4. DIVERSE region that faces severe threats and has lost 70%+ of original vegetation
  5. natural rate of extinction

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  1. Marine Mammal Protection Actamount the population would grow if unlimited resources in environment


  2. k-selectedorganisms that reproduce later in life, fewer offspring, and heavily nurture offspring


  3. logistic population growthpopulations are well below size dictated by carrying capacity, and then they grow exponentially


  4. population densitynumber of individuals of a population that inhabit a certain unit of land or water


  5. urban sprawlplantations that manage trees of the same age and harvested


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