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  1. surface fires
  2. traditional subsistence agriculture
  3. Marine Mammal Protection Act
  4. population density
  5. stable population
  1. a number of individuals of a population that inhabit a certain unit of land or water
  2. b each family in a community plats crops for themselves and harvest with labor by themselves or with animals
  3. c fires that only burn forest's underbrush and don't damage mature trees; they help because they prevent bigger fires by removing underbrush that would otherwise burn quicker at high temps.
  4. d varies slightly above and below its carrying capacity over time
  5. e protected marine mammals from falling below optimum sustainable population levels

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  1. prohibit trading and commerce of species endangered or threatened
  2. chaotic
  3. living organisms will continue to live, and consume available materials until the supply of materials is exhausted.
  4. availability of clean water, improved sanitation systems, and medical care
  5. populations are well below size dictated by carrying capacity, and then they grow exponentially

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  1. urban sprawlleave city and into suburbs


  2. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)prohibit trading and commerce of species endangered or threatened


  3. carrying capacityflat platforms on the hillside that creates level ground and reduces soil runoff from the slopes


  4. replacement birth rate# of children couple must have to replace themselves in population


  5. decomposersabsorbs nutrients from nonliving organic matter (including waste!) and converts it into inorganic forms. ex: bacteria and fungi


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