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  1. k-selected
  2. ecological footprint
  3. rule-of-70
  4. carrying capacity
  5. urban sprawl
  1. a amount of Earth's surface that's necessary to supply and dispose waste from a population. I=PxAxT (pop.)(affluence)(technology)
  2. b max population size that can be supported by available resources region
  3. c organisms that reproduce later in life, fewer offspring, and heavily nurture offspring
  4. d leave city and into suburbs
  5. e can predict long-term population growth (70/current growth=population will double in x years)

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  1. vegetation is slashed and area is burned before being planted with crops
  2. availability of clean water, improved sanitation systems, and medical care
  3. # of children an average woman will bear during lifetime; based on analyzing data from past
  4. populations are well below size dictated by carrying capacity, and then they grow exponentially
  5. flat platforms on the hillside that creates level ground and reduces soil runoff from the slopes

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  1. tree farmsplantations that manage trees of the same age and harvested


  2. genetic driftrandom fluctuations in frequency of seeing a gene in a small, isolated population. Due to chance, not natural selection


  3. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)prohibit trading and commerce of species endangered or threatened


  4. irregular populationchaotic


  5. irruptive populationchaotic


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