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  1. dry farming
  2. inhabitable
  3. seismic activity
  4. peat
  5. prevaling westerlies
  1. a The North Atlantic Drift carries tropical waters toward Europe. The winds that blow across this warm current define this word.
  2. b to be able to support permanent residents
  3. c Has many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. An example of a place with lots of this is in the Apennine Mountains . It begins in the northwest and arcs all the way down to the Italian Peninsula
  4. d a spongy material containing waterlogged mosses and plants
  5. e methods that leave land unplanted every few years in order to gather moisture

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  1. deliberate efforts to keep cultures separate. An example of this would be The fighting between Irish Catholics and Protestants led to an example of this.
  2. deep and wide enough to allow large ships to pass. An example of this in Spain is the Guadalquivir River.
  3. rocky material containing a valuable mineral
  4. miners strip away the surface of the earth to lay bare the mineral deposits.
  5. a huge destructive wave (especially one caused by an earthquake)

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  1. summithighest point of a mountain and in Europe The Alps


  2. cultural diffusionthe spread of cultural elements from one society to another and adopt the practices of their neighbors. Farming is an example of this spreading from Southwest Asia to Western Europe.


  3. blightareas of wet, spongy ground


  4. cantona political division or state. One of the states in Switzerland


  5. dialectvariations of a language that are unique to a region or a community., a regional variety of a language, with differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation; also a form of a language spoken by members of a particular social class or profession


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