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  1. reparation
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. bogs
  4. euro
  5. peat
  1. a a spongy material containing waterlogged mosses and plants
  2. b areas of wet, spongy ground
  3. c paying money for war damages
  4. d the change from an agricultural to an industrial society and from home manufacturing to factory production, especially the one that took place in England from about 1750 to about 1850.
  5. e a single currency to be used by member nations

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  1. brought under state control. France brought under control some businesses considered vital to national interests.
  2. highest point of a mountain and in Europe The Alps
  3. a soft, brown coal that is easy to mine but pollutes the air heavily
  4. a geologic phenomenon in which the ground in an area sinks. This happened in Venice
  5. transfer power to smaller regions. An example of this is when Belgium transfered power to regions of Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels

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  1. oreembankments of earth and rock to hold back the water


  2. neutralnot taking sides in conflict. Switzerland is an example of this and since that time of them deciding not to take any sides in conflict, no other European country has invaded its borders.


  3. strip miningminers strip away the surface of the earth to lay bare the mineral deposits.


  4. dialectvariations of a language that are unique to a region or a community., a regional variety of a language, with differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation; also a form of a language spoken by members of a particular social class or profession


  5. cantona political division or state. One of the states in Switzerland


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