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  1. dialect
  2. moor
  3. decentralize
  4. strip mining
  5. tertiary economic activities
  1. a broad, treeless rolling plains
  2. b variations of a language that are unique to a region or a community., a regional variety of a language, with differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation; also a form of a language spoken by members of a particular social class or profession
  3. c the opposite of industrial activities. This term refers to service industries such as finance, insurance and tourism
  4. d transfer power to smaller regions. An example of this is when Belgium transfered power to regions of Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels
  5. e miners strip away the surface of the earth to lay bare the mineral deposits.

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  1. to be able to support permanent residents
  2. sharply rising prices. This happened in Germany in 1929 when a worldwide economic depression left millions of Germans without jobs.
  3. the change from an agricultural to an industrial society and from home manufacturing to factory production, especially the one that took place in England from about 1750 to about 1850.
  4. Has many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. An example of a place with lots of this is in the Apennine Mountains . It begins in the northwest and arcs all the way down to the Italian Peninsula
  5. doesnt stay fresh for long.

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  1. fjordsrocky material containing a valuable mineral


  2. dry farminga huge destructive wave (especially one caused by an earthquake)


  3. tsunamia huge destructive wave (especially one caused by an earthquake)


  4. Florence, Italyan extended decline in business activity


  5. cantonnarrow valley


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