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  1. graben
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. euro
  4. dike
  5. cultural diffusion
  1. a the spread of cultural elements from one society to another and adopt the practices of their neighbors. Farming is an example of this spreading from Southwest Asia to Western Europe.
  2. b areas of land that have dropped down between faults. The Aegean Sea to the east of the Greek mainland occupies one of these.
  3. c embankments of earth and rock to hold back the water
  4. d the change from an agricultural to an industrial society and from home manufacturing to factory production, especially the one that took place in England from about 1750 to about 1850.
  5. e a single currency to be used by member nations

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  1. this caused the Potato famine in Ireland in the 1840's. It is a plant disease that destroyed the potato crop year after year.
  2. highest point of a mountain and in Europe The Alps
  3. paying money for war damages
  4. broad, treeless rolling plains
  5. a soft, brown coal that is easy to mine but pollutes the air heavily

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  1. nationalizedbrought under state control. France brought under control some businesses considered vital to national interests.


  2. recessionan extended decline in business activity


  3. navigabledeep and wide enough to allow large ships to pass. An example of this in Spain is the Guadalquivir River.


  4. tsunamia huge destructive wave (especially one caused by an earthquake)


  5. polderThis is what the Dutch call land reclaimed from the sea in this way


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