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  1. a situation where money is transferred from one bank account to another to move money around
  2. an amount set aside by a bank for preferred customers that is available on demand. For example, a bank can issue a customer a $15,000 line of credit that can be used at any time for any purpose
  3. a rate the bank pays you for keeping your money there
  4. something to place valuables in at the bank
  5. something valuable you put up for a loan, such as a car or coin collection

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  1. Commercial Loana loan made to an individual to pay for personal items like a car, home repairs, or a vacation


  2. Federal Reserve Systemresponsible for controlling the amount of money in circulation


  3. MoneyAnything accepted as a standard form of payment


  4. Individual Loana loan made to businesses to buy supplies and equipment


  5. Bank Accounta record of how much money a customer has put in or taken out of a bank


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