Chapter 17 - Facial Machines - Milady's Standard Esthetics

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What does galvanic current do for the skin?

Creates chemical desincrustation and ionic iontophoresis. Used to create a chemical reaction that emulsifies or liquefies sebum and debris

How does high frequency benefit the skin?

It has an antiseptic and healing effect on skin, stimulates circulation, helps oxygenate the skin, increases cell metabolism, helps coagulate and heal any open lesion after extraction

What is another name for a magnifying lamp?


What type of bulb does a magnifying lamp use?


the magnification of a loupe is measured in:


A thick corneum layer appears as _______ when viewed through a wood's lamp.

White fluorescent.

When using a rotary brush, it should be _______


What could happen if tap water is used in the steamer?

Mineral deposits.

Galvanic current is used during desincrustation to create a chemical reaction that _________.

Emulsifies sebum.

What is placed on the skin's surface when performing a desincrustation?

Alkaline based electronegative solution.

What is the most common desincrustation fluid used when performing anaphresis?

baking soda and water.

What does iontophoresis do?

Introduces water soluble products with ions into the skin.

What are the two forms of ionic penetration?

Cataphoesis and anaphoresis.

What does an ionto mask use galvanic current for?

deep pore cleansing or penetration of products

What type of current do high frequency machines use?


Does high frequency allow product penetration into the skin?


What is the proper way to clean the glass electrode of a high frequency machine?

Immersing the glass portion in a disinfectant solution.

What do paraffin masks do?

Hydrate dry skin.

Why shouldn't a crockpot be used instead of a paraffin heater?

A paraffin heater keeps the heat at a safe level.

Healthy skin appears _______ when viewed with a wood's lamp.


What does a wood's lamp do?

Illuminates fungi, bacterial disorders, pigmentation problems, and other skin problems.

What type of water should be used in steamers?

Distilled or filtered.

How long should electric mitts and boots be warmed?

Approximately 10 minutes.

After a desincrustation solution is applied, how long should the electric mask be left on the face?

7 minutes.

What is the most commonly used diopter in a loupe?

5 diopter.

A ___________ is used to illuminate skin conditions that are usually invisable to the naked eye.

Wood's lamp.

Ozone steam offers what additional benefit to the skin.

Antiseptic qualities but it creates free radicals

How many oxygen atoms are in ozone?


How long is the usual time a client should be steamed?

8 to 10 minutes.

High frequency current is measured in _______.


Thermolysis is a high frequency process for what _________.

Permanent hair removal.

In addition to cleansing impurities the vacuum machine also helps:

Reduce creases and lines.

High frequency stimulates _________.


The tube of a high frequency electrode contains mostly what kind of gas ________.


A Lucas sprayer produces what kind of mist.


Saponification is a chemical reaction that transforms ______ into soap.


The separtaion of a substance into positive and negative ions is called ________.


The infusion of a negative product into the skin is known as __________.


Microcurrent machines are helpful in treating such conditions as___________.

Bell's Palsy.

Paraffin masks:

hydrate dry skin

______ work precisely in a given area.


In light therapy _________ light is considered stimulating.


pigmentation that is seen with a wood's lamp is in the dermis & ________ lightened w/professional skin care products.


A crockpot shouldn't be used in lieu of a paraffin heater because:

a paraffin heater keeps the heated at a safe level

high frequency machine

Apparatus that utilizes alternating, or sinusoidal, current to produce a mild to strong heat effect. Sometimes called Tesla high frequency or violet ray.

Lucas Sprayer

Atomizer designed to apply plant extracts and other ingredients to the skin.

rotary brush

Main purpose is to lightly exfoliate the skin. Also stimulates the skin and helps soften excess oil, dirt, and cell buildup.


Chemical reaction during desincrustation where the current transforms the sebum into soap.

sinusoidal current

A smooth, repetitive alternating current. The most commonly used alternating current waveform, used in the high frequency machine and can produce heat.

vacuum machine

Also known as suction machine. Suctions dirt and impurities from the skin and stimulates the dermal layer and lymphatic and blood circulation.

Wood's Lamp

Filtered black light that is used to illuminate skin disorders, fungi, bacterial disorders, and pigmentation.

Using electrical devices for therapeutic benefit is called:


spray machine

Spray misting device.

Spray mists do what for the skin.

Calm and hydrate.

What does ionic iontophoresis in galvanic current do for the skin?

used for introducing a water soluble product into the skin

Steamers should be cleaned __________.


Valid contraindications for electrotherapy include:

metal implants and pregnancy; clients with epilepsy and other seizure disorders; heart disease and pacemakers

The average magnifying lamp used by aestheticians comes in values of 3-, 5- and 10- diopters. What does this mean?

30, 50 and 100 times the power of magnification

A magnifying lamp should be cleaned with:

a soft cloth and a disinfectant

The electric device that sanitizes the skin is called:


Pigmentation that is seen with a Wood's lamp is in the dermis and _______ lightened with professional skin care products.

cannot be

Hot towels provide _____ benefits.

soothing; warming; softening

A hot towel cabinet should be cleaned with disinfectant:

after each client

Rotary brushes should be washed with:

soap and water and then immersed in a hospital-strength disinfectant

The heat mask provides __________.

A soothing heat to hydrate the skin>

A magnifying lamp uses which type of bulb?


Every time you use a steamer, you should:

wipe down the outside of the glass with a high-level disinfectant

Should you leave water in the steamer overnight?


The most common desincrustation fluid used when performing sonophoresis is:

baking soda and water

What product(s) should you use to clean the inside of the steamer jar?

distilled water and white vinegar

You should not use a suction device on:

couperose skin with distended or dilated capillaries or on open lesions

The primary purpose of the rotary brush is:

lightly exfoliates the skin

The two significant reactions caused by galvanic current are:

chemical and ionic

People suffering from epilepsy or chronic migraines, or who are pregnant or wear braces:

should not have a galvanic treatment

Which answers best explains iontophoresis?

introduces water-soluble products with ions into the skin

Ionic penetration takes these two forms: cataphoresis and _________.


The unit of measurement used for a magnifying lamp is a(n):


An ionto mask uses galvanic current for:

deep pore cleansing or penetration of product

Which type of current is used by high-frequency machines?


The benefits of using high frequency on a client's skin include:

has an antiseptic effect and increases cell metabolism; helps oxygenate the skin and stimulates circulation; helps coagulate and heal open lesions after extractions and generates a warm feeling that has a relaxing effect on the skin


Heat effect. Used for permanent hair removal.

The proper procedure for cleaning the glass electrode of a high-frequency machine includes:

immersing the glass portion in a disinfectant solution

What is the spray machine used for?

calms and hydrates the skin

The Lucas sprayer was invented by:

Dr. Lucas Championniere

The greatest advantage of purchasing separate facial machines, rather than an all-in-one unit, is:

if one machine breaks down, you can continue using the other machines while the broken one is being repaired

The greatest advantage of having an all-in-one facial machine is:

it conveniently provides all functions you need in a much smaller space

What are the 2 significant reactions caused by galvanic current?

Chemical and ionic.

A Wood's lamp uses a filtered _____ light.


If your steamer has a solid tank that prevents you from seeing the element, you should clean it at least:

twice a month

What area of the face should be avoided during iontophoresis?


What can result from using tap water in your steamer?

mineral deposits

You should use desincrustation:

on oily skin

Galvanic current works by:

converting alternating current into direct current

Anaphoresis involves:

the infusion of a negative product

Electrical devices enhance a facial by:

making it easier to give a skin analysis, achieve better product penetration, or by exfoliating the skin

A well-constructed and well-maintained magnifying lamp can last up to:

10 years

How long should you mist the face when using a spray machine?

5-20 seconds

Glavanic process that emulsifies sebum and debris.


Healthy skin appears ______ when viewed with a Wood's lamp:

white fluorescence

Most electrotherapy machines are used for approximately ____ minutes in a service.


How often do you generally need to replace the electrodes on a high-frequency machine?

only when they are damaged

The vacuum machine can be used:

after desincrustation, in place of massage and to help reduce the appearance of creases

What is the primary purpose of a rotary brush?

Lightly exfoliates the skin.

What should a magnifying lens be cleaned with?

A clean, soft cloth only.

What should rotary brushes be washed with ______?

Soap and water then immersed in a hospital strength disinfectant.

What skin type or condition should not be treated with a rotary brush?


Which type of products are used for desincrustation?


Who invented the Lucas Sprayer?

Dr. Lucas Championniere

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