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  1. Clemens Von Metternich
  2. George Canning
  3. Holy Alliance
  4. Absolutism
  5. Legitimacy
  1. a Principle by which monarchies that had been unseated by the French Revolution or Napoleon were restored
  2. b Austria's foreign minister, a prince, who helped orchestrate Austria's role in Europe via the Congress of Vienna and "architect"
    of the Congress.
  3. c Great Britain's foreign secretary, wanted to get away from the autocratic states of Europe. He withdrew England from the Quintuple Alliance in 1822.
  4. d Spain and the Two Sicilies reinstated rulers, abolished the constitutions and returned to what kind of governmnent
  5. e Alliance of Russia, Austria, and Prussia to safeguard the principles of Christianity and maintain the international status quo after the Napoleonic Wars. Formed by Alexander I

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  1. What did Sardinia receive from the Congress of Vienna?
  2. King of Spain who was returned to the throne by the Congress of Vienna. A revolt occurred in Spain after he removed the constitution put in place by Napoleon. Four members of the Quintuple Alliance sent the French into Spain to crush the revolt.
  3. In order to keep its constitutional government, what did Switzerland agree to?
  4. A political ideology that emphasizes the civil rights of citizens, representative government, and the protection of private property.
  5. French monarch who was restored to the throne by the allies after Napoleon was defeated.

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  1. MetternichWho suppressed freedom of speech and press in Austria and set up a secret police system to spy on revolutionary organizations and individuals


  2. Hanover was enlarged, and made a kingdomWhat happened to Hanover as a result of the Congress of Vienna?


  3. half of Saxony, parts of Poland, and other German territoriesPrussia was given these territories by the Congress of Vienna


  4. Alexander IRussian Czar who ruled in the early 1800's during the Napoleonic wars. He created the Holy Alliance, and used the Scorched Earth Policy


  5. Absolute monarchySpain and the Two Sicilies reinstated rulers, abolished the constitutions and returned to what kind of governmnent


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