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  1. Absolutism
  2. Treaty of Adrianople
  3. Castlereagh
  4. Hanover was enlarged, and made a kingdom
  5. Balance of Power
  1. a Agreement that gave Greece its independence. The Ottoman Turks agreed to submit to the terms offered by England, France, and Russia
  2. b He represented England in the Congress of Vienna. He sought a balance of power by surrounding France with larger and stronger states.
  3. c Spain and the Two Sicilies reinstated rulers, abolished the constitutions and returned to what kind of governmnent
  4. d What happened to Hanover as a result of the Congress of Vienna?
  5. e distribution of military and economic power that prevents any one nation from becoming too strong

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  1. Austria's foreign minister, a prince, who helped orchestrate Austria's role in Europe via the Congress of Vienna and "architect"
    of the Congress.
  2. The situation in which it was before (the condition in which)
  3. Bourbon ruler who was restored in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies.
  4. Extremists who not only oppose change, but generally would like to turn the clock back to the way things were before
  5. An international conference (1814-15) held at Vienna after Napoleon's banishment to Elba, with Metternich as the dominant figure, aimed at territorial resettlement and restoration to power of the crowned heads of Europe.

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  1. LiberalismThe unique cultural identity of a people based on common language, religion, and national symbols


  2. MetternichWho suppressed freedom of speech and press in Austria and set up a secret police system to spy on revolutionary organizations and individuals


  3. half of Saxony, parts of Poland, and other German territoriesWhat happened to Hanover as a result of the Congress of Vienna?


  4. Switzerland agreed to remain neutralWhat happened to Norway and Sweden as a result of the Congress of Vienna?


  5. Duchy of Warsaw. (Poland); also received FinlandWhat happened to Hanover as a result of the Congress of Vienna?


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