Chapter 21: Blood Vessels and Hemodynamics

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The largest driving force for pulling fluid from the interstitial spaces back into the capillaries is?

blood colloid osmotic pressure

Which of the following would be a normal response of the cardiovascular system to a decreased frequency of action potentials arising from the baroreceptors?

increased systemic vascular resistance

Which of the following hormones would NOT stimulate changes that lead to an increase in arterial blood pressure?

atrial natriutretic peptide (ANP)

When chemoreceptors in blood vessels detect high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood, they stimulate all of the following changes EXCEPT

decreased respiratory rate

What do the following chemicals have in common: potassium, hydrogen ions, lactic acid, nitric oxide, and adenosine?

all potent vasodilators

Which of the following vessels supplies blood to the intestines?

mesenteric artery

Which of the following vessels supplies blood to the kidneys?

renal artery

What would the pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure be for an individual with a blood pressure of 120/80?

40; 93.3

All of the following changes are commonly observed in the cardiovascular system in response to aging EXCEPT

decreased cardiac output.
loss of cardiac muscle strength.
decline in maximum heart rate.
increased systolic blood pressure.

What general regions do the visceral and parietal branches of the thoracic aorta supply?
a) Head
b) Esophagus and mediastinum
c) Leg
d) Ribs and diaphragm


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