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  1. Arithmetic Density
  2. Demography
  3. Industrial Revolution
  4. Floodplain
  5. Medical Revolution
  1. a The area subject to flooding during a given number of years according to historical trends.
  2. b A series of improvements in industrial technology that transformed the process of manufacturing goods.
  3. c The scientific study of population characteristics.
  4. d The total number of people divided by the total land area.
  5. e Medical technology invented in Europe and North America that is diffused to the poorer countries of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Improved medical practices have eliminated many of the traditional causes of death in poorer countries and enabled more people to live longer and healthier lives.

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  1. Net migration from urban to rural areas in more developed countries.
  2. Factor that induces people to leave old residences.
  3. The ratio of the number of farmers to the total amount of land suitable for agriculture.
  4. The percentage growth of a population in a year, computed as the crude birth rate minus the crude death rate.
  5. Permanent movement from one country to another.

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  1. Intraregional MigrationPermanent movement within one region of a country.


  2. Crude Death Rate (CDR)The total number of deaths in a year for every 1,000 people alive in the society.


  3. Undocumented ImmigrantsThe difference between the level of immigration and the level of emigration.


  4. ImmigrationMigration from a location.


  5. MobilityAll types of movement from one location to another.


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