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  1. natural immunity
  2. lymphatic system
  3. active artificial immunity
  4. inguinal nodes
  5. lymph capillaries
  1. a can be active or passive
  2. b a widespread system of tissues and vessels, organs are not in order spread out all over the body
  3. c vaccine, artificially inquired, makes your body build up antibodies against the vaccine
  4. d located in the groin area, recieve lymph from lower extremities and external genital areas
  5. e closed ended tubes that reach into the tissues between cells, draws fluid in ( osmosis)

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  1. lie behind the nose (adenoids)
  2. lymph nodes that trap bacteria
  3. specific, systemic
  4. oval bodies located at each side of the soft palate, back of the throat
  5. deep, found between the two layers of peritoneum that form the mesentery

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  1. where does lymph come from?similar to veins, have valves


  2. efferent lymph vesselscarry lymph out of the node at the hilum


  3. thoracic duct or L. lymphatic ductempties into the right subclavian vein


  4. right lymphatic ductdrains a fairly large area of your body


  5. lymphatic trunkdrains a fairly large area of your body


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