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  1. lymph vessels
  2. efferent lymph vessels
  3. where does lymph come from?
  4. cervical nodes
  5. all nodes
  1. a carry lymph out of the node at the hilum
  2. b travel along superficial veins to lymphatic trunk
  3. c contain lymphocytes, macrophanges, which destroy foreign substances
  4. d blood plasma, fluid leaks out of the capillaries
  5. e located in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections

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  1. produced in the thymus gland, tells the T lymphocytes to mature
  2. carries various foreign particles such as bacteria and viruses to the lymph nodes
  3. can be active or passive
  4. contact with the disease, you make the immune response in the body
  5. placenta, gives antibodies to the body, mothers milk

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  1. right lymphatic ductjoin 1 of 2 collecting ducts, along a trunk are lymph nodes


  2. thymus glandlarger in infancy and early childhood, decreases in size after puberty


  3. lactealslocated in the small intestine, absorb lipids


  4. lymph capillariesclosed ended tubes that reach into the tissues between cells, draws fluid in ( osmosis)


  5. tonsilslymph nodes that trap bacteria


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