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  1. efferent lymph vessels
  2. lingual tonsils
  3. walls of lymph vessels
  4. lymph nodes
  1. a little mounds of lymphoid tissue located at the posterior of the tongue
  2. b carry lymph out of the node at the hilum
  3. c found along the lymph pathways, contain a large number of lymphocytes
  4. d similar to veins, have valves

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  1. larger in infancy and early childhood, decreases in size after puberty
  2. fluid tissue will accummulate
  3. oval bodies located at each side of the soft palate, back of the throat
  4. located in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections
  5. join 1 of 2 collecting ducts, along a trunk are lymph nodes

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  1. passive natural immunitycontact with the disease, you make the immune response in the body


  2. tonsilslymph nodes that trap bacteria


  3. right lymphatic ductjoin 1 of 2 collecting ducts, along a trunk are lymph nodes


  4. artificial immunityvaccine, artificially inquired, makes your body build up antibodies against the vaccine


  5. active artificial immunityimmune serum or immunoglobulin, takes care of it right away, your body doesn't have to build up antibodies, short term, it's passive because you get the antibodies from someone else


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