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  1. lymph vessels
  2. all nodes
  3. active artificial immunity
  4. lymphatic trunk
  5. efferent lymph vessels
  1. a vaccine, artificially inquired, makes your body build up antibodies against the vaccine
  2. b contain lymphocytes, macrophanges, which destroy foreign substances
  3. c travel along superficial veins to lymphatic trunk
  4. d carry lymph out of the node at the hilum
  5. e drains a fairly large area of your body

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  1. formed by merging lymph capillaries
  2. usually found in groups or chains, but not in the central nervous system, some are superficial and some are deep
  3. little mounds of lymphoid tissue located at the posterior of the tongue
  4. fluid tissue will accummulate
  5. filled with blood, reservoir, also contains lymphocytes and macrophanges

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  1. palatine tonsilsoval bodies located at each side of the soft palate, back of the throat


  2. natural immunitycan be active or passive


  3. cervical nodeslocated in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections


  4. tonsilslocated in the small intestine, absorb lipids


  5. where does lymph come from?blood plasma, fluid leaks out of the capillaries


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