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  1. lacteals
  2. lymph vessels
  3. cervical nodes
  4. what happens if an obstruction occurs?
  5. active natural immunity
  1. a travel along superficial veins to lymphatic trunk
  2. b contact with the disease, you make the immune response in the body
  3. c located in the neck in deep and superficial areas, often become enlarged during respiratory infections
  4. d located in the small intestine, absorb lipids
  5. e fluid tissue will accummulate

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  1. carry lymph out of the node at the hilum
  2. active and passive also
  3. formed by merging lymph capillaries
  4. lie behind the nose (adenoids)
  5. some cells after they mature in the thymus, leave the gland to function against specific pathogens

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  1. lymphatic trunkdrains a fairly large area of your body


  2. right lymphatic ductempties into the right subclavian vein


  3. where does lymph come from?similar to veins, have valves


  4. thymus glandproduced in the thymus gland, tells the T lymphocytes to mature


  5. tonsilslymph nodes that trap bacteria


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