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  1. Alcohols
  2. Heptane
  3. Functional groups
  4. Carboxylic Acid
  5. Aldehyde
  1. a arrangement of atoms responsible for characteristic properties and reactions
  2. b Double bonded O on END of chain
  3. c OH functional group, anytime OH is by itself use an OL ending eg. c-c-c-c-OH-c = 2-Pentanol
  4. d O=C-O-H, weak acids that can become conjugate donor pair
  5. e 7 carbons, C7H16

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  1. 9 carbons, C9H20
  2. formed by reaction between an acid and an alcohol with elimination of water, Double bonded oxygen and another oxygen single bonded to one carbon
  3. 5 carbons, C5H12
  4. Only single bonds
  5. any organic compound containing the group -CONH2

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  1. Hexane10 carbons, C10H22


  2. Branched alkaneAlkane in which carbon atoms are arranged in a ring


  3. AlkeneAt least 1 triple bond


  4. Methane2 Carbons, C2H6


  5. Decane10 carbons, C10H22


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