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  1. Grooves
  2. Scables
  3. Nail
  4. Acetone
  5. Dry cabinet sanitizer
  1. a Following disinfection, dry implements should be stored
  2. b The slits of tracks in the mail bed at the sides of the nail on which the nail grows are called
  3. c When removing artificial tips, what product would by used?
  4. d The diseases are animal parasites responsible
  5. e The cuticle is the overlapping skin around the

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  1. This is NOT included in the hand and arm massage
  2. The condition can be performed a pedicure is
  3. How should be the form be placed when sculpturing nails?
  4. When applying acrylic over bitten nails, what should NOT be used?
  5. What is the BEST service to treat dry, split cuticles?

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  1. 1/2 of the nail plateHow much of the nail plate should be the well of the nail tip cover?


  2. Growth of bacteria and other microorganismsThe purpose of an antiseptic is to prevent


  3. Lubricates the skin and nailsWhat is the effect of using oil on the nail and cuticle?


  4. UV sanitizerWhen removing artificial tips, what product would by used?


  5. SecretionThe protein makes up the nail plate is


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