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  1. Repair or strengthen
  2. Righworm
  3. Nodule
  4. Quick repairs on natural nails
  5. The client has had a stoke
  1. a Hand and arm massage should be avoided when
  2. b The condition can be performed a pedicure is
  3. c Nail wraps are used on natural nails or artificial tips to
  4. d The common name for tinea unguium
  5. e What is the purpose of a paper wrap?

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  1. The protein makes up the nail plate is
  2. This is not a function of the muscle
  3. The extensor digitorum is a muscle of the
  4. What is the BEST service to treat dry, split cuticles?
  5. Filing deep into the nail corners can cause

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  1. Straight acrossThe common name for tinea unguium


  2. AIDSThe extensor digitorum is a muscle of the


  3. GroovesThe part of the nail is embedded underneath the skin is


  4. VirusThe disease AIDS is caused by a


  5. General healthThis is used to correct the yellow nails


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