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  1. Starting the service
  2. Draw the fingers together
  3. Snugly under the free edge
  4. The client has had a stoke
  5. From corner to center
  1. a What is the function of the adductor muscle
  2. b Hand and arm massage should be avoided when
  3. c The correct method of filing natural nails is
  4. d How should be the form be placed when sculpturing nails?
  5. e A client consultation takes place before

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  1. The vascular system is also known as the
  2. The fingerbowl used during a manicured contains water and
  3. What portion of the epidermis is under the free edge of the nail
  4. The protein makes up the nail plate is
  5. Filing deep into the nail corners can cause

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  1. Cotton wrapped stickWhat can the client use for protection during an acrylic nails service?


  2. Wear protective glovesThe client has evidence of fungus under artificial nails. What protective measure should the nail technician take when removing artificial nails?


  3. PapillaryThe cuticle is the overlapping skin around the


  4. Wash implementsA client appears with a previously yellow-green spot an artificial nail which has now turned black. What is the cause of the problem?


  5. General healthThis is used to correct the yellow nails


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