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  1. UV sanitizer
  2. Starting the service
  3. Repair or strengthen
  4. Snugly under the free edge
  5. Hot oil manicure
  1. a What is the BEST service to treat dry, split cuticles?
  2. b Nail wraps are used on natural nails or artificial tips to
  3. c How should be the form be placed when sculpturing nails?
  4. d This is not disinfect salon implements
  5. e A client consultation takes place before

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  1. How does the nail technician dispose of used monomer?
  2. The condition can be performed a pedicure is
  3. When applying polish, which one of the following can be used to correct a smudge before applying more polish?
  4. The client has evidence of fungus under artificial nails. What protective measure should the nail technician take when removing artificial nails?
  5. The epidermis contains how many layers?

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  1. SecretionThe protein makes up the nail plate is


  2. Antibacterial soapThe fingerbowl used during a manicured contains water and


  3. Straight acrossTo avoid ingrown toenails, the nails should be filed


  4. PapillaryThe cuticle is the overlapping skin around the


  5. Hydrogen peroxideThis is a good antiseptic to use on a slight cut


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