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  1. nonviolence
  2. meditation
  3. alloys
  4. inoculation
  5. Buddhism
  1. a a religion based on the teachings of the Buddha
  2. b the focusing of the mind on spiritual ideas
  3. c avoidance of violent actions
  4. d injecting a person with a small dose of a virus to help him or her build up defenses to a disease
  5. e mixtures of two or more metals

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  1. divided Indian society into groups based on a person's birth, wealth, or occupation
  2. the process of rebirth
  3. the most important language of ancient India
  4. a state of perfect peace
  5. Gupta emperor, he ruled India during the height of Gupta power.

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  1. metallurgythe science of working with metals


  2. Janismreligion based on the teachings of a man named Mahavira


  3. Hinduisma religion based on the teachings of the Buddha


  4. Asokamixtures of two or more metals


  5. Hindu-Arabic numeralsthe very numbers we use today


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