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  1. caste system
  2. alloys
  3. meditation
  4. Asoka
  5. Hinduism
  1. a the largest religion in India today
  2. b the focusing of the mind on spiritual ideas
  3. c grandson of Chandragupta; most honored emperor for his commitment to spreading peace and prosperity to all; was Buddhist but accepted other religions; decline came after his death
  4. d divided Indian society into groups based on a person's birth, wealth, or occupation
  5. e mixtures of two or more metals

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  1. going without food
  2. people who work to spread their religious beliefs
  3. religion based on the teachings of a man named Mahavira
  4. military leader and founder of Mauryan Empire
  5. means, "Enlightened One" and former name: Suddhartha Guatama

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  1. reincarnationthe process of rebirth


  2. metallurgymixtures of two or more metals


  3. Hindu-Arabic numeralsthe very numbers we use today


  4. karmaThe effects that good or bad actions have on a person's soul


  5. inoculationthe focusing of the mind on spiritual ideas


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