Human Sexuality

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Cerro Coso Community College Mid Term Study Cards

Which of the following is an example of a policy founded on moral absolutism?

Restricting condom distribution in public schools

You run a sky diving business and want to encourage people to sky dive. An evolutionary psychologist will tell you that the best way to do this would be to advertise to a:

Man in the presence of a group of women

You have notices that an aging body's physiology changes and this can be accompanied by decreased sexual arousal. Which book would be most likely to inform you if this was true?

Human Sexual Inadequacy

In societies that believe in partible paternity, women are often expected to:

have multiple sex partners

Current neuroscientific theories identify biological causes for sexual orientation. Which early-20th century sex researcher agreed with this theory?

Magnus Hirschfeld

In studies of the various factors that lead to reduces sexual desire in women as they age, a cognitive psychologist might study the ___ whereas the psychobiologist might study ___.

Influence of distracting thoughts; hormonal imbalances

A major promoter and provider of comprehensive sex education in American schools is:

Planned Parenthood

Which of the following is not a sexual right declared by the World Association for Sexual Health?

The right to choose the sex of one's baby

Which of the following is a treatment that marriage counselors may use to help clients resolve relationship conflicts?

Teaching improved ways to communicate

In studies of the various factors that predispose men to sexual violence, a social psychologist might examine the effects of ___. Whereas a biomedical researcher might examine the influence of ___.

violent movies; testosterone

Conservative Jews permit ___, whereas Ortho Jews teaching forbids it.


___ campaigned for women's rights to learn about and use contraceptives.

Margaret Sanger

The teen pregnancy rate in Canada is half that of the US, most likely as a result of:

More comprehensive sex education in schools

An early theory that sexual desires are focused in the unconscious mind, especially during childhood, was proposed by:

Sigmund Freud

Alfred Kinsey's famous sex survey resulted in the publication of:

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

The idea that sexual morality should be based on the happiness or suffering it causes for the individuals involved was first proposed by:

Jeremy Bentham

Quantitative research studies usually include

a control group

The book ___ was published by the Boston Women's Health Collective in 1970.

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Which of the following Christian churches does not ordain gay and lesbian ministers?


The birth of the first test tube baby occurred in


The work of Malinowski and Mead revealed that

Sexuality differs across cultures

Which of the following is a predictive factor for a high teen birthrate in a population?

More females than males in the population

The most famous sex surveys in the United States were conducted in the 1940's by

Alfred Kinsey

___ study the endocrinology and genetic mechanisms of sexuality.

Biomedical researchers

Results from the NHSLS, a demographic survey of sexual behavior published in 1994, revealed that

Women in relationships masturbate more than single women

The most invasive female circumcision procedure


About ___ of 100 women with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer will survive at least 5 years


Which of the following is the scientific term used to describe the entire external genital area in a woman?


Which of the following medical conditions does not result in abnormalities and menstrual bleeding?

Imperforate anus

The fatty folds of skin that run down from the mons on either side of the vulva are the

Labia majora

Fertilization of an ovum generally occurs in the


During sexual arousal, erection of the ___ helps to lengthen and stiffen the vagina

Vestibular bulbs

The only certain function of the clitoris is to

provide sexual pleasure for the female

Milk-secreting cells of the breasts are arranged around small cavities called


If a woman's body produces progesterone, but no estrogen, what effect will this have on her uterus?

Endometrial thickening will not be followed by menstruation

Menstrual blood comes from the ___ layer of the uterus.


In some cultures, women stretch their ___ for cosmetic reasons

labia menora

A woman who cannot feel very much during vagina intercourse may have decreased nerve function of the

Outer portion of the vagina

The ___ is a controversial area of heightened sensitivity on the anterior wall of the vagina.


Erectile tissue within the glans of the clitoris consists of a single

corpus spongiosum

The type of female circumcision called infibulation involves removal of the

Entire labia minora

Which of the following is not part of the clitoris


The anatomical basis of the G spot is probably

A set of paraurethral glands

The leading cause of death in American women is

Heart disease

Two internal extensions of the clitoris that give the entire structure a wishbone shape are the


The clitoral hood is formed from the

labia minora

About __ women are diagnoses with invasive breast cancer in the US each year


In addition to breast cancer, women with mutations of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes also have a heightened risk for cancer of the


When the penis is _____, arteries are in a constricted state; when the penis is _____, veins are contracted

flaccid; erect

Nocturnal erections

occur during rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep

Each contraction during ejaculation lasts about _____ second(s)


Which of the following about testosterone is false?

It terminates of the growth of the long bones after puberty

The brain region important for regulating testicular hormones is the


Koro is defined as

Delusional penile retraction

Which of the following is known to be reduced by male circumcision?

All of the above

What percentage of heterosexual men are satisfied with the size of their penis?


The glans of the penis is called the


Which of the following plays a role in male orgasm/ejaculation?

All of the above.

Treatment for prostate cancer may cause sexual dysfunction in men because

surgery to remove the prostate may injure nerves necessary for erection and hormonal treatment lowers sex drive and function.

During ejaculation, the

Urethral sphincter is closed and muscles of the urethra contract

Developmentally, the penis is most similar to the _____; functionally, it is most similar to the _____.

Clitoris; clitoris, urethra, and vigina

The production of sperm and sex hormones is a major function of the


_____ are sensory nerve endings found exclusively in the penis and clitoris.

Genital end-bulbs

Penile erection occurs when

penile veins are closed.

The spermatic chord and testicles poses a layer of muscle tissue known as the

cremaster muscle.

The frenulum _____ of the penis.

All of the above

Tactile stimulation of the penis or clitoris is detected by a special sensory nerve endings called

genital end-bulbs.

The current medical consensus among American pediatricians is that

there is not sufficient evidence that circumcisions's benefits out weighs its costs.

The most erotically sensitive parts of the penis are the _____ and the _____.

frenulum; corona

One of the problems with a prostate that continues to grow throughout adult life is that

it can choke the urethra.

Which of the following statements about the foreskin is false?

It covers the shaft of the penis.

Which of the following is not one of the variables that predict good outcomes follow sex-reassignment surgery?

sexual orientation

The sex determining gene call the _____ is located on the Y chromosome.


The concept pf autogynephilia implies that some transexuals

have a history of heterosexual transvestism

In the case of David Reimer, the boy who was raised girl following a circumcision accident, what variable was the influence on his ultimate gender development?

Prenatal testosterone exposure

Boys who possess an extra X chromosome are affected by

Klinefelter syndrome

The gender schema theory would predict that children are likely to

repress details of stories that violate gender expectations

Which of the following scenarios would cause the greatest jealousy in women?

Hearing their husband refer to another woman as a best friend.

Girls who possess one X chromosome are affected by

Turner syndrome

A heterosexual man who experiences sexual arousal by wearing women's clothing is exhibiting


Nonclassical M-to-F transexuals are usually attracted to

Women only

Which of the following children would be likely to display very masculine behavior?

A boy whose parents openly disapprove of gender atypical behavior.

The term "autogynephilia" was coined by the Canadian sexologist

Ray Blanchard

Which of the following approaches proposes that gender-related traits are inculcated by parents, siblings, and society in general?


Which of the following about children with gender dysphoria is false?

Most will choose metoidoplasty as adults

Aboy may be born with a uterus if his testicles secrete

too little AMH

Most children can identify their own sex by _____ of age.

2-3 years

A classical M-to-F transexual is noticeably ______ from early childhood.


A person's sense of femaleness or maleness is called

gender identity

Men born with undescended testicles have an increased risk for developing

testicular cancer

Cognitive developments models focus on

thought processes

Which of the following scenarios would cause the greatest jealousy in men?

Seeing their wife kiss another man.

Which of the following would not tend to promote feminine development in girls, according to socialization theory?

Having an older brother

A man with a lower 2D:4D ratio is somewhat more likely to be _____ than a person wit a higher ratio.


A baby who is genetically male is born with female external genitalia and a uterus. Most likely this child does not possess


Viagra and related drugs facilitate _____, which is initiated in the _____ phase of the sexual response cycle.

penile erection; excitement

During the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle in women, the outer portions of the vagina _____, while the inner part of the vagina _____.

becomes thicker and tighter; opens up and lengthens

A study of salivary testosterone levels found that early-evening testosterone levels did not differ on night when men subsequently had sex compared to nights when they did not; late evening testosterone levels, however, were higher on "sex" nights (after sex had occurred) compared to "no sex" nights. The authors of this study concluded that

sexual activity stimulates testosterone release

Adult women with a high degree of "babyfacedness" may be considered attractive because

these features elicit the protective feelings that adults usually feel toward young children.

The fact of having seen a face before leads people to judge it as _____ attractive when seeing it again. This suggests that familiarity_____ attraction.

more; increases

Although alcohol may facilitate sexual interaction by removing inhibitions, a common sequence of too much alcohol is

inability to achieve erection

Even when choosing casual sex partners, men and women value traits like______ very highly.

trustworthiness and warmth

Individuals who experience little or no sexual attraction to others generally consider asexuality to be

their sexual orientation.

Sexual fantasies of men and women tend to differ in ways that are consistant with stereotypes about male and female sexuality; men often fantasize about ______ roles and women fantasize about _____ roles.

dominant; passive

In some cultures fatness is considered attractive because it suggests that the individual

has access to plenty of resources.

If a particular trait is deemed attractive by many different cultures and groups, it is generally believed to be influenced largely by


People with a high degree of physical asymmetry are more likely to have _____ than people with less asymmetry.

psychological and physiological distress

Male animals that have just mated are more likely to mate again when they

have a new partner to mate with.

Jaw width, mouth and nose width, chin size, lip fullness, and eye size are features related to the principle of ______ in judging facial attractiveness

masculinity - femininity

Imagined sexual experiences (fantasies) that people promote sexual arousal during waking hours do so via

activation of internal mental processes linked to arousal.

A sexual experience that does not include orgasm

is one of many normal variants of the sexual response cycle.

During orgasm, brain activity _____ in brain regions associated with higher cognitive processing and _____ in brain regions associated with pleasure and rewards.

decreases, increases

Men who have a profound reduction in _____ levels experience a decline in sexual arousal.


Evolutionary psychologists believe that men find younger women more attractive because younger women

are more fertile and have more years to nurture children.

Women's ratings of the attractiveness of male bodies are influenced by ______ and ______.

width of shoulders; size of pectoral muscles

When newborn infants are presented with pairs of images of faces, they will spend more time looking at the face that has been rated by adults as more attractive. These results suggest that

there are universal features that determine attractiveness.

The low-volume opalescent discharge that may occur during orgasm in women is believed to be secreted by the

paraurethral glands.

Many therapists identify _____ as the number one reason for dissatisfaction in marriage and other long term relationships.

communication problems

Oral stimulation of the vulva is called


The anus is normally kept closed by the sustained contraction of two _____ muscles.


An intellectually disabled person has the capacity to give consent to sex if they

All of the above.

Which of the following statements about disabilities that affect movement and thus sexual function is true?

Most affected individuals are female.

According to GSS data for 2010, 1 in _____ men report having sex with a person other than a spouse while married.


According to evolutionary psychologists, married women who cheat on their husbands do so

for superior genes provided by the other man.

Oral stimulation of the penis is called


During anal sex, the penis passes the anal orifice and enters the _____, or the lowermost portion of the intestinal tract.


If a young woman was infatuated with a man in her lass whom she did not know, her best chance at getting him to spend time with her would be to say,

"would you go to bed with me tonight?"

Women with physical disabilities may not participate in sexual relationships as frequently as other women because they are _____ likely to ______.

less; have access to partners

On average, women take _____ time than men from the beginning of masturbation to the point of orgasm.

25-50% more

In the United States, the legal crime of sodomy continues to exist only in the context of

nonconsensual sex.

A person who dates a succession of partners over a period of time is engaging in

serial monogamy.

It is illegal to have sexual relations with an intellectually disabled person who is unable to provide

informed consent.

Generally, the script followed on first dates of American college students is

man initiates; woman chooses

Jealousy based on persistant false beliefs about a partner is called _____ jealousy.


Casual sex is more prevalent among

homosexual men.

In successful relationships, positive interactions in discussing problems occurs _____% of the time.


In Victorian times, a doctor might thing that eating _____ encouraged masturbation.


In a study performed by Clark and Hatfield (1989,2003), _____% of college men agreed to a casual sex encounter with an attractive female stranger who approached them.


In the NHSLS, about one-half of the respondents who stated they masturbated also stated that they felt _____ afterward.


Progesterone secreted by the corpus luteum after ovulation helps prepare the uterus for implantation. Progesterone administration may help women who are infertile due to

recurrent miscarriage due insufficient endometrial development.

Which of the following is the correct order of events that occur in preparation for and during delivery of a baby?

engagement; effacement; dilation; crowning

Most of the energy in breast milk comes from its high concentration of


Human chorionic gonadotropin is produced after


Pregnant women require an additional _____ calories per day


The main hormone that promotes the development of the breast and subsequent production of breast milk is


MAle fertility may decrease with normal aging as a result of

All of the above

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends that otherwise pregnant women

regularly engage in moderate exercise like brisk walking and swimming.

In men, bicycle shorts, Strenuous exercise, and saunas may affect fertility by

inhibiting sperm production by increasing testicular temperatures.

the best evidence to suggest that sperm counts in men have been declining over time comes from studies in which researchers

compiled data from many studies of sperm counts that had been published over the previous 50 years.

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