World History Chapter 7

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McDougal Littell: History of the World Chapter 7: Pages 132 to 147


A religion founded in India and based on Siddhartha Gautama's teachings.

Four Noble Truths

The major principles of Buddhism, which recognize the inevitability of suffering and encourage individuals to achieve a state of "not wanting" and practice moderation in order to reach enlightenment.


The Buddhist term for a state of enlightenment.


A Buddhist doctrine of nonviolence that stresses the sacredness of human and animal life.


An Indo-European language used in India for literature.


A Chinese philosophy based on discovering the Tao, or "way", of the universe and living in harmony with nature.


A Chinese philosophy of the third century B.C. that assumed that people were evil and selfish and lived well only under strict rules.

Great Wall

A 1,500-mile stone wall stretching across northern China.

dynastic cycle

The rise and fall of dynasties in a regular pattern.

Silk Road

In ancient China, the route that silk merchants traveled as they headed westward through China to India, Persia, and Roman provinces along the Mediterranean.

Age of Disunity

The period following the fall of the Han dynasty when China was beset by warfare and political unrest.

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