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  1. depende de tu punto de vista
  2. ¡Qué tontería!
  3. al contrario
  4. estoy de acuerdo
  5. eso es
  1. a that's right
  2. b on the contrary
  3. c it depends on your point of view
  4. d I agree
  5. e how silly!

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  1. actually, it seems to be that way
  2. woman
  3. of course
  4. of course
  5. no way!

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  1. cuentan quethey say that


  2. es muy difícil de creer, pero es posibleactually, it seems to be that way


  3. bueno puede ser peroactually, it seems to be that way


  4. dicen quethey say that


  5. supuestamentesupposedly


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