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  1. hasta cierto punto sí, pero
  2. ¿Tú crees? No sé.
  3. estoy de acuerdo
  4. la mujer
  5. ¡Así es!
  1. a woman
  2. b up to a point, yes, but
  3. c I agree
  4. d do you think so? I don't know
  5. e that's right

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  1. how silly!
  2. It's believed that
  3. of course
  4. but you have to take into account that
  5. according to

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  1. el hombrewoman


  2. cuentan queIt's believed that


  3. bueno puede ser perowell, that may be, but


  4. se dice queIt's believed that


  5. depende de tu punto de vistait depends on your point of view


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