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  1. emaciated
  2. destitute
  3. dilettante
  4. dogmatic
  5. dour
  1. a stating an opinion in an authoritative or arrogant manner
  2. b one who studies an art or science for mere amusement
  3. c gloomy, sullen
  4. d extremely thin, wasted away
  5. e extremely poor; lacking necessities like food and shelter

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  1. an image of a person or thing; usually a crude image of a hated person
  2. to express disapproval of; to depreciate one's efforts
  3. a leader who appeals to the emotions and prejudices of people, especially to advance his own power
  4. inclined to distrust or deny the goodness of sincerity of human motive
  5. amusing in an odd way

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  1. duplicityintentional deceit in speech or conduct


  2. dolorousconformity to accepted standards of conduct; proper behavior


  3. diffidentlacking in self-confidence; shy


  4. decorumconformity to accepted standards of conduct; proper behavior


  5. doleamusing in an odd way


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