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  1. droll
  2. diffident
  3. dilemma
  4. dole
  5. emaciated
  1. a a difficult choice; especially a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives
  2. b extremely thin, wasted away
  3. c amusing in an odd way
  4. d to distribute; to give out sparingly
  5. e lacking in self-confidence; shy

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  1. stating an opinion in an authoritative or arrogant manner
  2. inequality; difference
  3. one who studies an art or science for mere amusement
  4. to express disapproval of; to depreciate one's efforts
  5. extremely poor; lacking necessities like food and shelter

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  1. effigyeasy to teach or manage


  2. decorumgloomy, sullen


  3. cynicalinclined to distrust or deny the goodness of sincerity of human motive


  4. divulgeeasy to teach or manage


  5. demagoguequiet and modest


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