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  1. Sunna
  2. Islam
  3. Fatimid
  4. Five Pillar: Fasting
  5. Qur'an
  1. a A caliphate which was formed by Shi'a Muslims who claimed descent from Muhammad's daughter Fatima
  2. b Holy book of the Muslims where the revelations were collected
  3. c During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast between dawn and sunset. A simple meal is eaten at the end of the day. Fasting serves to remind Muslims that their spiritual needs are greater than their physical needs
  4. d Best way for proper living
  5. e Meaning "Submission to the will of Allah"

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  1. Muhammad taught that all Muslims have a responsibility to support the less fortunate. Muslims meet that social responsibility by giving alms (money) for the poor through a special religious tax
  2. A family who came to power, moved the capital of Arabia to Damascus
  3. A place where the Berber armies stopped in the middle of the war and created a Muslim state here
  4. A building opened by Caliph Al - Ma'mun in Bagdad which combined all three of a library, an academy and a translation center
  5. Five times every day, Muslims face toward Mecca to pray. They assemble at a mosque

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  1. MuslimA religion - means "One who has submitted"


  2. CaliphSuccessor or deputy


  3. CalligraphyThe art of beautiful handwriting


  4. HijrahThe concept of belief in one god and the people worshiped Allah as Monotheism


  5. MuhammadA family who came to power, moved the capital of Arabia to Damascus


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