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  1. evaluate
  2. synonym
  3. alliteration
  4. self-monitor
  5. conventions of language
  1. a Mechanics, usage and sentence completeness.
  2. b A word that means the same as another word
  3. c Examine and judge carefully.
  4. d adjust strategies for comprehension
  5. e repetition of initial consonant sounds

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  1. a way of expressing something (in language or art or music etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period
  2. the struggle that grows out of the interplay of the two opposing forces in a plot
  3. representing an abstract quality or idea as a person or creature
  4. the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
  5. Writing or speech that is used to create vivid impressions by setting up comparisons between dissimilar things, [examples are metaphor, simile, and personification.

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  1. characterizationthe act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features


  2. antonymA word that means the same as another word


  3. focusThe center of interest or attention


  4. literary structuresThe author's method of organizing text (e.g., foreshadowing, flashbacks).


  5. idiomatic languagean expression peculiar to itself grammatically or that cannon be understood if taken literally


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