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  1. premonition
  2. posterity
  3. precept
  4. premier
  5. Ante <L.
  1. a before
  2. b a command or a rule
  3. c future generations; somebody's decendants
  4. d first in time or importance; a president
  5. e a warning in advance

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  1. first in rank or importance; to prepare something or someone for use or action
  2. ahead of the times; a group that is ahead of the times
  3. coming before in position or time
  4. the belief that what happens in human life has already been determined by some higher power
  5. of a period before a war, especially the American civil war

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  1. posteriorsituated at the back


  2. antecedenta thing or event that precedes; the noun to which a pronoun precedes


  3. preempt, pre-emptto take possession of some of something before anyone else can do so


  4. primordialprimeval; original; fundemantal


  5. preposterousshowy, pompous


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