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  1. liver
  2. central nervous system
  3. it resorbs the tail for energy
  4. sticky, long, stretchy, attached at the front of the mouth
  5. cartilage
  1. a a flexible supporting tissue that makes up part or all of some animals skeletons
  2. b the part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal chord
  3. c what happens to the tail of a tadpole as it changes to a frog
  4. d the organ that produces bile
  5. e characteristics of frogs tongues

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  1. how does a fish move
  2. an internal skeleton; usually made of cartilage and bone
  3. characteristics of amphibian skin
  4. the air chambers inside an animal's body where blood can get oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
  5. the strong supporting structure of vertebrates

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  1. toadsdo reptiles ever have gills


  2. diaphragma dome shaped muscle that seperates the chest chamber from the abdomen in many animals and in humans; important to breathing


  3. kidneysthe structures that filter wastes from the blood in vertebrate; manufactures urine


  4. deoxygenated bloodblood that carries an abundant amount of oxygen


  5. alligatorskomodo dragon is an example of what


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