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  1. lungs
  2. they are double hinged
  3. hagfish
  4. bone
  5. vertebrate
  1. a allows a snakes jaws to open wider than normal
  2. b the strong supporting structure of vertebrates
  3. c the air chambers inside an animal's body where blood can get oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
  4. d has no jaws
  5. e an animal that has a backbone

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  1. characteristics of frogs tongues
  2. is known to have exactly 2 sets of teeth
  3. is more prevalent in the United States
  4. the part of the nervous system that connects to the central nervous system
  5. a flexible supporting tissue that makes up part or all of some animals skeletons

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  1. deoxygenated bloodblood that carries an abundant amount of oxygen


  2. lizardthe organ that produces bile


  3. they dont hearhas no teeth


  4. pit vipersgroup of snakes is equipped with a heat detector


  5. toadsthe respiratory structures that have capillaries close to their surfaces to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in water


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