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  1. deoxygenated blood
  2. they are double hinged
  3. lizard
  4. frog
  5. vertebral column and skull
  1. a komodo dragon is an example of what
  2. b the two main parts that the endoskeleton consists of
  3. c amphibian that goes through metamorphosis
  4. d allows a snakes jaws to open wider than normal
  5. e blood that contains little oxygen

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  1. what the spinal nerves branch off
  2. the part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal chord
  3. the organ that produces bile
  4. an organ that consists of many sensory receptors and various tissues needed to keep the receptors functioning
  5. the one sense that snakes dont have

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  1. 2 chambered hearthow many chambers do fish have


  2. by flexing their body; undulationhow does a fish move


  3. vertebratean animal that has a backbone


  4. alligatorsis more prevalent in the United States


  5. sticky, long, stretchy, attached at the front of the mouthcharacteristics of frogs tongues


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