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  1. oxygenated blood
  2. frog
  3. gills
  4. thin, smooth, moist
  5. it resorbs the tail for energy
  1. a amphibian that goes through metamorphosis
  2. b blood that carries an abundant amount of oxygen
  3. c what happens to the tail of a tadpole as it changes to a frog
  4. d the respiratory structures that have capillaries close to their surfaces to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in water
  5. e characteristics of amphibian skin

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  1. a flexible supporting tissue that makes up part or all of some animals skeletons
  2. an internal skeleton; usually made of cartilage and bone
  3. the part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal chord
  4. the structures that filter wastes from the blood in vertebrate; manufactures urine
  5. have skeletons made of cartilage

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  1. lizardthe organ that produces bile


  2. bonedo reptiles ever have gills


  3. vertebral column and skullthe two main parts that the endoskeleton consists of


  4. ectothermican animal that has a backbone


  5. frogis known to have exactly 2 sets of teeth


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