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  1. vertebrate
  2. they are double hinged
  3. lizard
  4. sensory organ
  5. liver
  1. a allows a snakes jaws to open wider than normal
  2. b an organ that consists of many sensory receptors and various tissues needed to keep the receptors functioning
  3. c the organ that produces bile
  4. d an animal that has a backbone
  5. e komodo dragon is an example of what

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  1. the part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal chord
  2. characteristics of frogs tongues
  3. how does a fish move
  4. amphibian that goes through metamorphosis
  5. is more prevalent in the United States

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  1. sharks rays hagfish lampreyeshas no jaws


  2. toadslays their eggs in strings in the water


  3. terrapinturtle that spends a portion of its life in fresh water and can go on land


  4. heart muscleswhat the walls of a vertebrate heart chamber are made of


  5. bonethe strong supporting structure of vertebrates


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