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  1. Title VIII
  2. Compliance program
  3. True
  4. The Death Penalty
  5. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  1. a What is the maximum fine under FSGO
  2. b Which title protects employees of companyies who provide evidence of fraud?
  3. c The 7 steps to and effective _______________ are Management oversight; Corporate policies; Communication of standards and procedures; Compliance with standards and procedures; Delegaation of substantial discretionary authority; Consistent discipline; and Response and Corrective action.
  4. d Processing government papers such as visas is a routine government action. (true/false)
  5. e (PCAOB) is an independent oversight body for auditing companies. They were charged with maintaining compliance with established standards and enforcing rules and disciplinary procedurees for those organizations that found themselves out of compliance.

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  1. The so-called _____ _____ is where the fine is set high enough to match all the organizations assets - and basically put the organization out of business. This is warranted where the organization was operating primarily for a criminal purpose.
  2. The best way to minimuze your culpability score is to make sure you have some form of program in place that can effectively detect and prevent violations of law - such as a _______ _______.
  3. Under which areas does the FCPA require corporations to fully disclose any and all transactions conducted with foreign officials and politicians, in line with the SEC provisions?
  4. The ______ holds businesses liable for the criminal acts of their employees and agents.
  5. The introduction of the ______ placed more effective controls over bribing practices and less obvious forms of payment to foreign officials and politicians by American publicly traded companies pursuing internantonal growth.

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  1. Routine Governmental Action- Providing permits, licenses, or other official documents to qualify a person to do business in a foreign country.
    - Processing governmental papers, such as visas and work orders.
    - Providing police protection, mail pickup and delivery, or scheduling inspections associated with contract performance or inspections related to transit of goods across a country.
    - Providing phone service, power, and water supply; loading and unloading cargo; or protecting perishable products or commodities from deterioration.
    - Performing actions or a simular nature.


  2. Financial Stability OversightLed by the Treasury secretaery and a team of senior financial regulators, the ______ ______ ______ Council is empowered to act if a bank with more than $50. billion in assets poses a grave threat to the financial stability of the US. As a promised fix for "too big to fail", the FSOC has the power to intervene in any apect of the bank's management up to and including the termination of business practices.


  3. FalseFortunately, if a bribe is unsuccessful, the company connot be found in violation of the FCPA. (true/false)


  4. Consumer Financial Protection BureauThe ________________ is a government agency within the Federal Reserve that oversees financial products and services


  5. TrueResponsibilities granted to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau include the authority to examine and enforce regulation for banks and credit unions with assets over $10 billion; the creation of a new Office of Financial Literacy; the creation of national consumer complaint hotline and the consolidation of all consumer protection responsibilities currently handled by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Office of Thrift Supervision, Federal Deposit Ins. Co (FDIC), Federal Reserve, Nat. Credit Union Admin (NCUA), the Department of Housing and Urban Dev (HUD) and the Fed. Trade Comm. (FTC). (true/false)


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