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  1. Culpability Score
  2. The Death Penalty
  3. False
  4. True
  5. Volcker
  1. a (FSGO) The calculation of a degree of blame or guilt that is used as a multiplier of up to 4 times the base fine. The culpability score can be adusted according to aggravating or mitigating factors.
  2. b What is the maximum fine under FSGO
  3. c The SBDC strictly enforces the FCPA. (true/false)
  4. d The comprehansive Crime Control Act established the U.S. Federal Sentencing Commission in 1984 by an charged it with developing uniform sentencing guidelines for offenders convicted of federal crimes. (true/false)
  5. e The _____ Rule: Proposed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul _____, this rule limits the ability of banks to trade on their own accounts (i.e., invest their own money) in any way that might threaten the financial stability of the institution (and by definition, the financial markets as a whole).

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  1. In certain cases, a judge has the discretion to impose a "dealth penalty", where the fine is set high enough to match all the organizaion's assets. (true/false)
  2. The three steps in calculating financial penalties under FSGO are: Determination of the _____ _____, the ______ _____, and determination of the _____ _____.
  3. The best way to minimuze your culpability score is to make sure you have some form of program in place that can effectively detect and prevent violations of law - such as a _______ _______.
  4. (CFPB) The ____ ____ _____ ___ was signed as an independent run entity in the Federal Reserve, the CFPB promises to act upon any perceived misconduct by financial intitutions in the treatment of their customers.
  5. It is estimated that Section 404 of SOX has generated auditing fees in the hundreds of millions of dollars. (true/false)

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  1. DisclosureThe SBDC strictly enforces the FCPA. (true/false)


  2. Financial Stability OversightLed by the Treasury secretaery and a team of senior financial regulators, the ______ ______ ______ Council is empowered to act if a bank with more than $50. billion in assets poses a grave threat to the financial stability of the US. As a promised fix for "too big to fail", the FSOC has the power to intervene in any apect of the bank's management up to and including the termination of business practices.


  3. Facilitation paymentsPayments that are accceptable (legal) provided they expedite secure the performance of a routine governmental action refers to ______.


  4. FalseThe first step of an effective compliance program, as prescribed by the FSGO, is management oversight. (true/false)


  5. trueThe SBDC strictly enforces the FCPA. (true/false)


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