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  1. Catastrophe
  2. Example of Pathos
  3. Reversal
  4. How is this a tragedy?
  5. Tragedy
  1. a the action at the end of a tragedy that initiates the denouement or falling action of a play
  2. b The reversal, many deaths, tragic hero with flaws
  3. c the point at which the action of the plot turns into an unexpected direction for the protagonist
  4. d Juliet's soliloquy before she takes the potion
  5. e a type of drama in which the characters experience reversals of fortune, usually for the worse. In ___, catastrophe and suffering await many of the characters, especially the hero

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  1. an intensification of the conflict in a story or play. _____ builds up, accumulates, and develops the primary or central conflict in a literary work
  2. Romeo looking at Juliet before he kills himself
  3. Romeo and Juliet killing themselves
  4. Fate hates them, they come from two very high ranking families, they have a tragic flaw, and they die
  5. Romeo and Juliet

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  1. Example of FootRomeo and Juliet meet for the first time


  2. Example of ChorusThe sonnets at the beginning of act I and II


  3. Example of DenouementRomeo thinks Juliet is dead, and Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead


  4. Example of ComplicationThe argument between Tybalt and Mercution


  5. Friar's Plan 2Drink potion, Romeo will get her out, send Romeo a letter explaining for it to work


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