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  1. hypha
  2. gullet
  3. spore
  4. acellular slime mold
  5. pellicle
  1. a haploid reproductive cell
  2. b slime mold that passes through a stage in which its cells fuse to form large cells with many nuclei
  3. c tiny filament that makes up a multicellular fungus or a water mold
  4. d cell membrane in euglenas
  5. e indentation in one side of a ciliate that allows food to enter the cell

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  1. group of cells that can detect changes in the amount of light in the environment
  2. spore case
  3. compound other than chlorophyll that absorbs light at different wavelengths than chlorophyll
  4. accessory pigment found in red algae that is especially good at absorbing blue light
  5. male reproductive structure in some algae and plants

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  1. oogoniumspecialized structure formed by hyphae that produces female nuclei


  2. alternation of generationsprocess in which many algae switch back and forth between haploid and diploid stages of their life cycles


  3. plasmodiumstructure with many nuclei formed by acellular slime molds


  4. amoebahaploid reproductive cell


  5. ciliumspecialized structure formed by hyphae that produces female nuclei


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