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  1. pellicle
  2. fruiting body
  3. gametophyte
  4. pseudopod
  5. alternation of generations
  1. a cell membrane in euglenas
  2. b slender reproductive structure that produces spores and is found in some fungus-like protists; reproductive structure of fungus that develops from a mycelium
  3. c haploid, or gamete-producing, phase of an organism
  4. d temporary projection on of cytoplasm, or a "false foot", used by some protists for feeding or movement
  5. e process in which many algae switch back and forth between haploid and diploid stages of their life cycles

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  1. male reproductive structure in some algae and plants
  2. slime mold that passes through a stage in which its cells fuse to form large cells with many nuclei
  3. A type of protist characterized by great flexibility and the presence of pseudopodia.
  4. diploid, or spore-producing, phase of an organism
  5. haploid reproductive cell

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  1. eyespotgroup of cells that can detect changes in the amount of light in the environment


  2. trichocystsmall, bottle-shaped structure used for defense by paramecia


  3. oogoniumspecialized structure formed by hyphae that produces female nuclei


  4. gulletindentation in one side of a ciliate that allows food to enter the cell


  5. hyphatiny filament that makes up a multicellular fungus or a water mold


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