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  1. loiter
  2. pithy
  3. haughty
  4. enormity
  5. attest
  1. a (v.) to bear witness, affirm to be true or genuine
  2. b (n.) the quality of exceeding all moral bounds; an exceedingly evil act; huge size, immensity
  3. c (adj.) chillingly proud and scornful
  4. d (v.) to linger in an aimless way, hang around, dawdle, tarry
  5. e (adj.) short but full of meaning and point

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  1. (n.) a warning or feeling that something bad will happen; (adj.) marked by fear, ominous
  2. (v.) to rob by force, especially during wartime; to seize wrongfully; (n.) property stolen by force
  3. (adj.) much boasted about in a vain or swaggering way
  4. (adj.) twisted, turned to one side; cleverly and often grimly humorous
  5. (adj.) firmly fixed; constant, not moving or changing

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  1. dovetail(n.) a person (usually a child) without a home or friend; a stray person or animal; something that comes along by chance, a stray bit


  2. falter(v.) to hesitate, stumble, lose courage; to speak hesitatingly; to lose drive, weaken, decline


  3. imperative(adj.) necessary, urgent; (n.) a form of a verb expressing a command; that which is necessary or required


  4. adapt(v.) to bear witness, affirm to be true or genuine


  5. vilify(v.) to abuse or belittle unjustly or maliciously


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