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  1. amplitude
  2. X-Ray
  3. vacuum
  4. boil
  5. mega
  1. a the graphical representation of the intensity or strength of a wave
  2. b in science this is a volume that is absent of matter
  3. c when a substance rapidly changes from a liquid to a gas
  4. d form of light that is used in hospitals to look at bones
  5. e prefix that means million

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  1. a force that comes from a material pushing against another material
  2. prefix that means tenth
  3. a form of light that commonly causes sunburns
  4. form of light that is known as heat and can be seen with special goggles
  5. the shift in a dark-line spectra that indicates a star is moving away from the Earth

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  1. continuousprefix that means hundredth


  2. scientific notationa mathematical short cut that scientists use to write extremely large and extremely small numbers


  3. microwaveform of light that is used to heat and cook food in your kitchen


  4. gammaprefix that means billion


  5. kiloprefix that means millionth


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