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  1. wave
  2. explode
  3. electromagnetic
  4. intensity
  5. radio
  1. a this spectrum includes all possible wavelengths of light
  2. b the word that means strength and energy level
  3. c an alternating flow of matter or energy
  4. d a form of light that is used commonly for communication
  5. e when pressures inside are much greater than outside and the pressures inside rush out

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  1. prefix that means billionth
  2. what you add to the beginning of a word that alters the words meaning
  3. form of light that is used in hospitals to look at bones
  4. form of light that is used to heat and cook food in your kitchen
  5. a pinpoint of matter or energy that generally has volume and mass

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  1. bluean alternating flow of matter or energy


  2. resolutionthe quality of a telescope that enables it to collect more detail of small objects


  3. reddistance per time with no regard to direction


  4. kiloprefix that means millionth


  5. dopplerwhen a substance rapidly changes from a liquid to a gas


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