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  1. parallax
  2. explode
  3. implode
  4. magnification
  5. ultra violet
  1. a the apparent side to side motion of an object against a two dimensional barrier due to changing perspective
  2. b when pressures outside are much greater than inside and the pressures outside rush in
  3. c a form of light that commonly causes sunburns
  4. d when pressures inside are much greater than outside and the pressures inside rush out
  5. e the quality of a telescope that makes images larger

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  1. the spectra created when an individual element is burnt
  2. in science this is a volume that is absent of matter
  3. the word that means strength and energy level
  4. a force that comes from a material pushing against another material
  5. distance per time with no regard to direction

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  1. X-Rayform of light that is used in hospitals to look at bones


  2. reda form of light that is used commonly for communication


  3. deciprefix that means tenth


  4. microprefix that means millionth


  5. radioa form of light that is used commonly for communication


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