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  1. independent variabe
  2. nucleic acids
  3. Hertz
  4. acceleration
  5. diffraction
  1. a the unit of frequency
  2. b change of speed over time
  3. c variable manipulated by the researcher
  4. d have the blueprints for growth and development
  5. e the spreading out of waves around a barrier or through an opening

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  1. fuel created from remains of plants and animals over millions of years
  2. a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains to electron to form a negative ion
  3. a subatomic particle that has a positive charge and that is found in the nucleus of an atom
  4. the distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave
  5. the maximum distance the particles of a medium move away from their rest positions as a wave passes through the medium

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  1. transfer of energyOccurs when a warmer object gives some or all of its energy to a cooler object


  2. reflectionthe bouncing back of a wave


  3. heatthe unit of frequency


  4. renewable resourcea trait that is apparent only when two recessive alleles for the same characteristic are inherited


  5. quantitative observationsobservations made with the senses


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