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  1. Diversity should be a key component of the corporate mission statement, and included in corporate hand books.
  2. offers a nurturing environment to people, company leaders may encourage employees to become part of international teams.
  3. Day-car, flexible work schedules, compressed work weeks, job sharing, telecommuting
  4. can help reveal possible sources of bias, indicators or factors used in the audit can also be used to measure whether corrective actions have the desired effects.

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  1. What are some issues with diversity?human beings are ethnocentric, the human species resists change, human beings find comfort and trust in likeness


  2. What are the advantages or employee diversity?Better market access, improved international competition, better team performance, and multiplicity of points of view


  3. What are some developmental activities?pressures toward homogenization, lower cohesiveness, confusing diversity with affirmative action, interpersonal conflict and tension.


  4. What can classifying people into groups lead too?A powerful competitive edge, the ability to foster creativity, improve problem solving, provide greater flexibility, and make the firm more attractive to a broad labor market


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