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  1. Adult Stem Cells
  2. Thykaloids
  3. Chlorophyll
  4. Genetic Code
  5. Cloning
  1. a set of rules that dictates the correspondence between RNA codons in an mRNA molecule and amino acids in protein
  2. b produced asexually, genetically identical to parent. used for endangered species
  3. c cell present in adult tissues that generates replacements for nondividing differentiated cells
  4. d disk shaped sac in in chloroplast. contain chlorophyll and enzymes of light reactions of photosynthesis
  5. e green pigment located in chloroplasts of plants, algae and prokaryotes. helps to convert sunlight to chemical energy

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  1. DNA molecule carrying genes derived from two or more sources
  2. form of human dwarfism caused by single dominant allele. exception
  3. set of DNA segments representing an organism's entire genome
  4. allele that determines the phenotype of a gene when individual is heterozygous for that gene
  5. enzyme, essential for DNA replication, that catalyzes the covalent bonding of adjacent DNA strands

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  1. Adeninesingle ring nitrogenous base found in DNA and RNA. A plus T


  2. Promoterspecific nucleotide sequence in DNA located at the start of a gene that is the binding siet for RNA polymerase and where transcription begins


  3. Light Reactionsfirst of two stages in photosynthesis. solar energy is absorbed and converted to chemical energy in form of ATP and NADPH. power Calvin Cycle


  4. Insulinprotein hormone, produced through recombinant DNA


  5. Proto-oncogeneorganism that makes organic food molecules from raw materials such as CO2, H2O


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