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  1. RNA Polymerase
  2. Genotype
  3. Stroma
  4. Thymine
  5. Wavelength
  1. a enzyme that links together the growing chain of RNA nucleotides during transcription
  2. b genetic makeup of an organism
  3. c fluid in chloroplast surrounding thykaloid membrane. synthesis of molecules from CO2 to water. where sugars are made during Calvin Cycle
  4. d single ring nitrogenous base found in DNA. T plus A
  5. e distance between crests of adjacent waves

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  1. in eukaryotes, coding portion of a gene
  2. second of two stages of photosynthesis. cyclic series of chemical reactions that occur in stroma of a chloroplast using carbon and ATP and NADPH
  3. outside (skin and nervous system)
  4. implant embryo in surrogate mother
  5. middle (muscle, heart)

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  1. Nucleotidesproduced asexually, genetically identical to parent. used for endangered species


  2. Law of Segregationoffspring of F1 generation


  3. Therapeutic Cloningproduction of multiple copies of a gene


  4. F2 Generationswitching from nucleotide "language" to amino acid "language." occurs in ribosome. RNA translated into protein


  5. Enhancerseukaryotic DNA sequence that inhibits the start of gene transcription


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