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  1. Cross-fertilization
  2. Recombinant DNA
  3. Adenine
  4. Promoter
  5. Genetic Engineering
  1. a single ring nitrogenous base found in DNA and RNA. A plus T
  2. b fusion of sperm and egg derived from two different individuals
  3. c DNA molecule carrying genes derived from two or more sources
  4. d direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes
  5. e specific nucleotide sequence in DNA located at the start of a gene that is the binding siet for RNA polymerase and where transcription begins

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  1. produced asexually, genetically identical to parent. used for endangered species
  2. offspring of two parental individuals
  3. fluid in chloroplast surrounding thykaloid membrane. synthesis of molecules from CO2 to water. where sugars are made during Calvin Cycle
  4. remove embryonic stem cells
  5. organism that makes its own food, often by photosynthesis (plants, algae, etc.)

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  1. Achondroplasiagenetic disease caused by sex-linked recessive allele


  2. F2 Generationoffspring of F1 generation


  3. Proto-oncogenenormal gene that can be converted to a cancer-causing gene


  4. Hybridoffspring of parents of two different species. heterozygous for at least one pair of genes


  5. Insulinprotein hormone, produced through recombinant DNA


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