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  1. Cross-fertilization
  2. Cystic Fibrosis
  3. Monohybrid Cross
  4. Testcross
  5. Pedigree
  1. a family tree representing occurrence of heritable traits in parents and offsrping
  2. b genetic disease that occurs in people with two copies of a certain recessive allele
  3. c fusion of sperm and egg derived from two different individuals
  4. d experimental mating of individuals differing
  5. e mating between an individual of unknown genotype for a particular characteristic and an individual that is homozygous recessive for same characteristic

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  1. genetic disease caused by dominant allele. exception
  2. rule of inheritance that individuals have two alleles for each gene and that when gametes form by meiosis, the two alleles separate, each resulting gamete ending up with only one allele of each gene
  3. distance between crests of adjacent waves
  4. form of DNA, referring to its two adjacent polynucleotide strands wound into a spiral shape
  5. disk shaped sac in in chloroplast. contain chlorophyll and enzymes of light reactions of photosynthesis

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  1. Reproductive Cloningimplant embryo in surrogate mother


  2. Incomplete Dominanceneither phenotype dominant over other, causing both traits to show


  3. Bacteriophageorganism that makes its own food, often by photosynthesis (plants, algae, etc.)


  4. Chlorophyllgreen pigment located in chloroplasts of plants, algae and prokaryotes. helps to convert sunlight to chemical energy


  5. Global Warmingslow rise in earth's surface temperature


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