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  1. provide energy, carbohydrates, proteins, fats
  2. needed in relatively large quantities
  3. trace element, tooth structure
  4. not digested or absorbed:roughage(fiber) non digestible polysac.
  5. C, Coenzyme water soluble, collagen production A.A metabolism, steroid synthesis
  1. a Cellulose
  2. b Fluorine
  3. c ascorbic acid
  4. d macronutrients
  5. e major mineral

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  1. Factors affecting BMR
  2. sulfur
  3. disaccharides:cane sugar beets, milk
    Monosaccharides: honey fruit
  4. chemicals requited for body function
  5. cobalt

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  1. A.A and protein synthesis, water solubleB6


  2. cofactor for ATP metabolism. major mineralmagnesium


  3. Dietary Requirements: Proteinsminimum: .8g/kg (.4g/lb), recommended:155 of total calories, maintain nitrogen balance


  4. triglyceridesmeats, eggs, milk,nuts, oil,( corn, peanuts, olive)


  5. trace element, enzyme cofactor, component of certain enzymescobalt


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