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  1. trace element, enzyme cofactor, fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, urea formation and normal functioning of the nervous system
  2. sum of all chemical reactions
  3. Dietary requirements: Carbohydrates
  4. co-enzymes
  5. part of amino acid, major mineral
  1. a manganese
  2. b sulfur
  3. c binds to enzymes, helps enzyme preform its function
  4. d metabolism
  5. e 125-75g/day min to prevent protein loss
    55% total cal: 45% of total need to be complex
    Roughage (Cellulose): hemicellulose, pectin, lignin

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  1. cholesterol
  2. total energy metabolism
  3. tryptophan, phenylaline, methionine, valine, threonine, lysine, leucine, isoleucine,
  4. Cellulose
  5. water soluble

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  1. Glucose is utilized by cellsfructose, galactose converted to glucose in the liver


  2. bone, teeth, nerve/muscle function, major mineralmagnesium


  3. Nutrientsorganic dietary constituent, needed in small quantities, doesn't supply energy


  4. Vitamin Dabsorption of Ca++


  5. A.A and protein synthesis, water solubleB6


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