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  1. Lipids
  2. Dietary Requirements: Lipids
  3. intracellular osmotic pressure, action potentials, major mineral
  4. liver, egg yolk, brain, milk, meats (NOT PLANT FOOD)
  5. FAD
  1. a triglycerides, cholesterol
  2. b cholesterol
  3. c potassium
  4. d is an electron carrier in the citric acid cycle and electron transport chain
  5. e 30% total calories-10% saturated, 10% monsaccharides, 10% polysaccharides, 100mg/1,00 calories as cholesterol, no more than 300mg/day

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  1. Basal metabolic Rate (BMR
  2. sodium
  3. magnesium
  4. binds to enzymes, helps enzyme preform its function
  5. cyanocobalamin

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  1. major mineral, trace elementstypes of minerals


  2. cyanocobalmin,enzyme cofactor, trace elementtypes of minerals


  3. part of thyroid hormone, trace elementtypes of minerals


  4. C, Coenzyme water soluble, collagen production A.A metabolism, steroid synthesismagnesium


  5. provide energy, carbohydrates, proteins, fatsmacronutrients


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