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  1. C, Coenzyme water soluble, collagen production A.A metabolism, steroid synthesis
  2. 8 adults, 10 children, complete proteins: meats, milks, and eggs, incomplete proteins: many plants
  3. co-enzymes
  4. B12, nucleic acid synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, water soluble, coenzyme
  5. needed in relatively small amounts
  1. a ascorbic acid
  2. b Essential amino acids
  3. c trace element
  4. d cyanocobalamin
  5. e binds to enzymes, helps enzyme preform its function

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  1. cobalt
  2. manganese
  3. Riboflavin
  4. tryptophan, phenylaline, methionine, valine, threonine, lysine, leucine, isoleucine,
  5. Visual pigments, normal development bone

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  1. intracellular osmotic pressure, action potentials, major mineralpotassium


  2. Glucose is utilized by cellsfructose, galactose converted to glucose in the liver


  3. Vitaminsorganic dietary constituent, needed in small quantities, doesn't supply energy


  4. BMR + Activities =meats, eggs, milk,nuts, oil,( corn, peanuts, olive)


  5. trace element, hemoglobin, vit A, enzymesFluorine


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