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  1. B12, nucleic acid synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, water soluble, coenzyme
  2. needed in relatively small amounts
  3. Omega 3 fatty acid
  4. triglycerides
  5. Vitamin E
  1. a cyanocobalamin
  2. b antioxidant, stability of cell membrane
  3. c meats, eggs, milk,nuts, oil,( corn, peanuts, olive)
  4. d polyunsaturated, including 3rd terminal bond, best source is in fish, health benefits include cardiovascular
  5. e trace element

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  1. Visual pigments, normal development bone
  2. Folacin
  3. fructose, galactose converted to glucose in the liver
  4. process of making glucose
  5. minimum: .8g/kg (.4g/lb), recommended:155 of total calories, maintain nitrogen balance

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  1. bones, teeth, ATP, ect..., major mineralphosphorus


  2. major mineral, trace elementstypes of minerals


  3. 8 adults, 10 children, complete proteins: meats, milks, and eggs, incomplete proteins: many plantsEssential amino acids


  4. proper dietmeats, eggs, milk,nuts, oil,( corn, peanuts, olive)


  5. sum of all chemical reactionsmetabolism


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