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  1. utilizes energy, vitamins, minerals
  2. part of thyroid hormone, trace element
  3. cofactor for ATP metabolism. major mineral
  4. BMR + Activities =
  5. measured in bomb calorimeter, carbohydrates:4.1kcal/g, proteins:4.1kcal/g, fats:9.5 kcal/g
  1. a iodine
  2. b micronutrients
  3. c Energy in foods
  4. d magnesium
  5. e total energy metabolism

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  1. Energy Balance
  2. major mineral
  3. sodium
  4. polyunsaturated, including 3rd terminal bond, best source is in fish, health benefits include cardiovascular
  5. organic dietary constituent, needed in small quantities, doesn't supply energy

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  1. inorganic substances essential for body function, origin: soil->plant-> animalminerals


  2. C, Coenzyme water soluble, collagen production A.A metabolism, steroid synthesisFolacin


  3. essential nutrientslinoleic acid, linolenic acid ( get these from diet)


  4. B2, FAD(electron transport), water soluble, co enzymeRiboflavin


  5. folic acid, water soluble, DNA synthesis, RBC production, coenzymeBiotin


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