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  1. sex, height, weight, age, hormones, emotional state, body temperature, excessive weight fluctuations, and watching t.v
  2. Protein: food
  3. trace element, hemoglobin, vit A, enzymes
  4. proper diet
  5. not digested or absorbed:roughage(fiber) non digestible polysac.
  1. a Cellulose
  2. b iron
  3. c meats, cheese, milk, nuts, cereals, beans, peas, absorbed as amino acids
  4. d Factors affecting BMR
  5. e 70 kg man:2800 kcals/day, proteins-15%, fats-30%, and carbs 55%, diets must maintain proteins, vitamins, minerals

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  1. Visual pigments, normal development bone
  2. trace element
  3. major mineral
  4. micronutrients
  5. phosphorus

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  1. BMR + Activities =total energy metabolism


  2. trace element, tooth structureFluorine


  3. trace element, enzyme cofactor, fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, urea formation and normal functioning of the nervous systemmanganese


  4. Lipidsis an electron carrier in the citric acid cycle and electron transport chain


  5. co-enzymesbinds to enzymes, helps enzyme preform its function


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