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  1. Protein: food
  2. not digested or absorbed:roughage(fiber) non digestible polysac.
  3. 8 adults, 10 children, complete proteins: meats, milks, and eggs, incomplete proteins: many plants
  4. Dietary Requirements: Proteins
  5. Lipids
  1. a triglycerides, cholesterol
  2. b Cellulose
  3. c meats, cheese, milk, nuts, cereals, beans, peas, absorbed as amino acids
  4. d Essential amino acids
  5. e minimum: .8g/kg (.4g/lb), recommended:155 of total calories, maintain nitrogen balance

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  1. cyanocobalamin
  2. B6
  3. chemicals requited for body function
  4. cant be synthesized in sufficient quantities
    body can't make these
  5. iron

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  1. cofactor for ATP metabolism. major mineralsulfur


  2. bone, teeth, nerve/muscle function, major mineralmagnesium


  3. B2, FAD(electron transport), water soluble, co enzymeRiboflavin


  4. needed in relatively small amountstrace element


  5. proper diet70 kg man:2800 kcals/day, proteins-15%, fats-30%, and carbs 55%, diets must maintain proteins, vitamins, minerals


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