This set is verb meanings with conjugations.

Yo bailo

I dance

Nosotros bailamos

We dance

Tu cantas

You (informal) sing

Nosotros cantamos

We sing

Ellos estudian

They study

Yo estudio

I study

Usted nada

You (formal) swim

Nosotros nadamos

We swim

Ellas comen

They (girls) eat

Ella come

She eats

Tu escribes

You (informal) write

Nosotros escribimos

We write

El lee

He reads

Nosotros leemos

We read

Nosotros miramos

We watch/look

Ellos miran

They watch/look

Ella corre

She runs

Ustedes corren

You guys run

El bebe

He drinks

Yo bebo

I drink

Tu juegas

You (informal) play (sport)

Ella juega

She plays (sport)

Yo esquio

I ski

Ustedes esquian

You guys ski

Tu dibujas

You (informal) draw

Ellas dibujan

They (girls) draw

Usted escucha

You (formal) listen

Ustedes escuchan

You guys listen

Ellos pintan

They paint

Yo pinto

I paint

Tu patinas

You (informal) skate

El patina

He skates

Ella trabaja

She works

Ustedes trabajan

You guys work

Yo duermo

I sleep

Nosotros dormimos

We sleep

Ella monta a caballo

She rides a horse

Ellos montan a caballo

They ride a horse

Tu hablas

You (informal) speak

Usted habla

You (formal) speak

Yo ando en bicicleta

I ride a bike

El anda en bicicleta

He rides a bike

Yo veo

I see/watch

Nosotros vemos

We see/watch

Ellos cocinan

They cook

Usted cocina

You (formal) cook

Yo practico

I practice

Ella practica

She practices

Tu limpias

You (informal) clean

Ellas limpian

They clean

Nosotros tomamos

We drink/take

Ellos toman

They drink/take

Yo toco un instrumento

I play an instrument

El toca un instrumento

He plays an instrument

Tu compras

You (informal) buy/shop

Ellos compran

They buy/shop

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