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  1. Ferenc Deak
  2. Which war was an embarrassing defeat for the Russians?
  3. Francis Joseph I.
  4. Zollverein.
  5. the Ems dispatch
  1. a Hungarian leader that helped to create the Dual Monarchy
  2. b the name of the Austrian Emperor who granted limited reforms and granted a new constitution?
  3. c the economic union created by Prussia that helped end economic barriers among several of the various German states
  4. d A message that Bismarck used to get France to declare war on Germany
  5. e Russo-Japanese

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  1. persecutions of the Jews in Russia
  2. Title for ruler of Germany during the Second Riech
  3. three wars aided the unification of Germany
  4. Prussian Chancellor that succeeded in creating a united Germany
  5. Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Russian socialists preached the ideas of which German thinker?Alexander II


  2. Zemstvosthe name of the system of local government set up in Russia by Alexander II


  3. Russian Tsar that emancipated the serfs in 1861Bundesrat


  4. two countries that were tied together by the Dual MonarchyAlexander II


  5. The Powerder Keg of EuropeThe Balkan Peninsula


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