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  1. Italian unity finally came as a result of which war
  2. Giuseppe Mazzini
  3. Second Schleswig war, Austro-Prussian war, Franco-Prussian war
  4. German equivalent to U.S. House of Representatives
  5. Ferenc Deak
  1. a Franco-Prussian
  2. b Hungarian leader that helped to create the Dual Monarchy
  3. c three wars aided the unification of Germany
  4. d Italian nationalist leader and founder of the Young Italy movement
  5. e Reichstag

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  1. King of Sardinia that became the first King of Italy in 1861
  2. Realistic politics based on the needs of the state and which saw power as being more important than principles
  3. lower house of the German parliament
  4. Karl Marx
  5. Russo-Japanese

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  1. Kulturkampf.Bismarck's attempt to weaken the role of the Church in Germany


  2. Kaiserthe name of the system of local government set up in Russia by Alexander II


  3. phrase that characterized the policies Bismarck used to unite GermanyBlood & Iron


  4. Crimean WarTitle for ruler of Germany during the Second Riech


  5. improved banking system, unified currency, improved railroadsthree steps the German government took in 1871 to promote economic development


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