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  1. Second Schleswig war, Austro-Prussian war, Franco-Prussian war
  2. the last European country to end feudalism
  3. Peter Stolypin
  4. Ferenc Deak
  5. Giuseppe Garibaldi
  1. a three wars aided the unification of Germany
  2. b Hungarian leader that helped to create the Dual Monarchy
  3. c conservative Russian Prime Minister that sought to restore order after the Revolution of 1905
  4. d Russia
  5. e the name of the leader of the Sicilian nationalist force known as the Red Shirts?

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  1. three steps the German government took in 1871 to promote economic development
  2. A message that Bismarck used to get France to declare war on Germany
  3. Reichstag
  4. name given to the Italian nationalist movement
  5. The people gave their loyalties to local leaders.

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  1. Russian socialists preached the ideas of which German thinker?Karl Marx


  2. Italian unity finally came as a result of which warFranco-Prussian


  3. Francis Joseph I.the name of the Austrian Emperor who granted limited reforms and granted a new constitution?


  4. The Powerder Keg of EuropeThe Popes


  5. Which war was an embarrassing defeat for the Russians?Russo-Japanese


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