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  1. phrase that characterized the policies Bismarck used to unite Germany
  2. "the sick man of Europe"
  3. Camillo Cavour.
  4. Second Schleswig war, Austro-Prussian war, Franco-Prussian war
  5. Zollverein.
  1. a The Ottoman Empire
  2. b Blood & Iron
  3. c the economic union created by Prussia that helped end economic barriers among several of the various German states
  4. d the name of the Prime Minister of Sardinia who played a central role in the unification of Italy
  5. e three wars aided the unification of Germany

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  1. name given to the Italian nationalist movement
  2. Bundesrat
  3. lower house of the German parliament
  4. the first Emperor of the united Germany
  5. persecutions of the Jews in Russia

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  1. the last European country to end feudalismRussia


  2. the prisoners of the VaticanThe Popes


  3. Otto von BismarckPrussian Chancellor that succeeded in creating a united Germany


  4. Russian socialists preached the ideas of which German thinker?Alexander II


  5. U.S. President that was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese WarRusso-Japanese


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