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  1. ended French domination of Europe
  2. the Ems dispatch
  3. Kaiser
  4. Zollverein.
  5. Realpolitik
  1. a A message that Bismarck used to get France to declare war on Germany
  2. b the economic union created by Prussia that helped end economic barriers among several of the various German states
  3. c Franco-Prussian War
  4. d Realistic politics based on the needs of the state and which saw power as being more important than principles
  5. e Title for ruler of Germany during the Second Riech

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  1. Bundesrat
  2. Reichstag
  3. The Ottoman Empire
  4. Austria & Hungary
  5. Russo-Japanese

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  1. William ITitle for ruler of Germany during the Second Riech


  2. the prisoners of the VaticanThe Popes


  3. Second Schleswig war, Austro-Prussian war, Franco-Prussian warthree wars aided the unification of Germany


  4. Crimean Warthe war that lasted from 1853-1856 and which pitted Russia against the British, French, and Turks


  5. Italian unity finally came as a result of which warThe people gave their loyalties to local leaders.


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