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  1. awestruck
  2. dawdled
  3. premature
  4. venture
  5. inspiration
  1. a filled with deep respect mixed with fear and wonder
  2. b uncommonly early or before the expected time
  3. c wasted time; lingered
  4. d a risky undertaking
  5. e arousing to a particular emotion or action

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  1. valued holy objects from the past
  2. unable to move
  3. a distinguishing mark or sign of anything
  4. good luck charm
  5. faint and difficult to analyze

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  1. venerableworthy of respect


  2. edictvalued holy objects from the past


  3. suspiciouslyfaint and difficult to analyze


  4. tantalizingvery pleasantly inviting


  5. lollingvalued holy objects from the past


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