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  1. inspiration
  2. gingerly
  3. dawdled
  4. venerable
  5. venture
  1. a with great care or caution
  2. b arousing to a particular emotion or action
  3. c worthy of respect
  4. d a risky undertaking
  5. e wasted time; lingered

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  1. good luck charm
  2. filled with deep respect mixed with fear and wonder
  3. very pleasantly inviting
  4. uncommonly early or before the expected time
  5. loitering; to move or stand in an indolent or relaxed manner

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  1. premonitionforewarning or foreboding of a future event


  2. immobilizedunable to move


  3. clandestinesecretive


  4. suspiciouslyarousing to a particular emotion or action


  5. edictan official order


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