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  1. exhume
  2. indolent
  3. exemplary
  4. disingenuous
  5. supplant
  1. a being or serving as an illustration of a type; serving to warn
  2. b disinclined to work or exertion; lazy
  3. c to remove from a grave; to bring to light
  4. d take the place or move into the position of; supersede
  5. e not straightforward or candid; insincere

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  1. enduring a very short time
  2. burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped
  3. to deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
  4. having an exceedingly bad reputation
  5. extremely poisonous or injurious; harsh or corrosive in tone

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  1. peripheralon or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary


  2. fractiouseasily irritated or annoyed


  3. amendset straight or right


  4. adroitquick or skillful or adept in action or thought


  5. archaiclittle evolved from or characteristic of an earlier ancestral type; so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period


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