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  1. steroid hormone
  2. one messenger model
  3. calcitonin
  4. prostaglandins
  5. pituitary gland
  1. a class of hormones that can pass through the cell membrane; can be stored in the body
  2. b Produced by the thyroid gland and decreases the blood calcium levels by stimulating calcium deposit in the bones. The antagonist of the parathyroid hormone.
  3. c local hormones that do not enter the bloodstream
  4. d mechanism of hormone action used by steroid hormones which bring their message directly into the cell
  5. e the master gland of the endocrine system

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  1. mechanism of hormone action used by protein hormones; attach to cell membrane receptors which activate enzymes in the cell to produce the desired effect
  2. Gland located near the heart; it aids in the body's defence against infection by making antibodies
  3. condition affecting nerves causing muscle spasms as a result of low amounts of calcium in the blood caused by a deficiency of the parathyroid hormone
  4. secreted in increasing amounts during puberty, by the anterior pituitary gland, to stimulate development of reproductive cell follicles
  5. a hormone secreted by the beta cells of the Islets of Langerhans of the pancreas responsible for regulating the metabolism of glucose

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  1. glucagonhormone secreted by alpha cells of the pancreas; raises blood glucose levels


  2. pineal glandone of a pair of ductless glands, located above the kidneys, consisting of a cortex, which produces steroidal hormones, and a medulla, which produces epinephrine and norepinephrine.


  3. protein hormonesclass of hormones that cannot pass through the cell membrane; less likely to be stored in the body


  4. cortisolouter part of kidney which produces corticosteroids; helps body deal with longtern stress


  5. negative feedbacka response that opposes the original stimulus


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