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  1. What soes Popeye have in common with a pregnant women?
  2. According tot the textbook, many deaths of young children around the world could be prevented by
  3. When teachers adjust their level of support and guidance tot he level of skill of the student, it is called:
  4. Knowing about knowing is referred to as:
  5. Which of the following is NOT a marked change in emotional development during early childhood?
  1. a reducing poverty and improving nutrition, sanitation, education, and heath services
  2. b Children can deceive others with their emotions
  3. c They both benifit from eating spinach
  4. d metacognition
  5. e scaffolding

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  1. the age differences that exist in the relationship
  2. social interaction
  3. twice as much body fat as men
  4. Gorilla
  5. verbal interactions with the child

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  1. Boys are more _______ aggressive, whereas girls can be more _______ aggressive.physically; verbally


  2. Dan and Michelle have been having difficulty conceiving a child, so they've decided to try in-vitro fertilization to start a family. One of the risks of this assisted reproductive technology that they should know about is that:25-30 percent of conceptions that occur using IVF result in multiple births (e.g., twins, triplets, etc.).


  3. Dr. Dzindolet would like to know whether children born prematurely can tell the fifference between a face and a spiral. What method would best suit this experimentvisual preference method


  4. • The ability of a friendship to help a child see him/herself as competent, attractive, and worthwhile serves which of Gottman and Parker's functions of friendship?ego support


  5. Although it was originally thought that human beings have around _______ genes, recent research into the human genome suggests that we probably have more like _______ different 6 months of age


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