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  1. _______ is characterized by severe impairments in reading and spelling ability.
  2. • Which of the following types of bullying is a boy most likely to be the victim of?
  3. • How is Lawrence Kohlberg's theory culturally biased?
  4. Brendan s just learning to walk. He can take a few steps by imself if he uses both hands to hod on to a piece of furniture for support, but he can walk out into the middle of the room only if oneof his parents holds his hands. Which of the folllowing represents the lower limit of Brendan's zone of prximal development (ZPD) for walking
  5. Habituation ____________responsiveness to stimuli
  1. a o -being bullied over his looks or his speech
  2. b Dyslexia
  3. c o -In some cultures, high levels of moral reasoning derive from different values than those that form the basis of Lawrence Kohlberg's claims.
  4. d Brendan walking alone by holding on to a piece of furniture with one hand
  5. e decreases

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  1. Emphasize delaying gratification
  2. 2; 7
  3. spend more time with mothers and give more emotional support
  4. conscience
  5. practice play

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  1. • Why are there more elementary and secondary school children living in stepfamilies than there are infants and preschool children?The status of females in relation to males is different in different ethnic groups


  2. Which mind-set considers the possibility that qualities can change and improve with effort over time?growth


  3. • What is the second most common cause of death for the child in middle childhood?cancer


  4. Marks: 1

    Boys are much more likely than girls to be behaviorally disruptive in the classroom. This phenomenon may be explained by which of the following trends noted in your textbook?
    No. There are too many different variations in test-takers' cultures to address them all


  5. Development in the young-old is characterized by considerable _________, but development in the oldest-old is characterized by __________proximity to mother


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