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  1. When asked why she participated with other students in a protest against treatment of women on her campus, Kai says that all humans have the fundamental right to be treated fairly, and that she is morally against the continuing discrimination against women. What is Kai's likely moral level according to Lawrence Kohlberg?
  2. Dr. Widaman is researching the cultural differences in school performances between Japanese and American children. He is comparing math scores between two groups of fifth graders. One of his groups is from Japan and the other group is from the United States. Dr Widaman is conductiong a ____________study?
  3. Julia is currently 2 years old. She is learning how to talk, and her parents would say that her favorite word is "no." This would be considered normal for a child in Erik Erikson's stage of
  4. Researches believe that after the age of 6 or 7 years, children become more reflectiveand less impulsive in their thinking, because they learn to pay less attention to what is _______ and more attention to what is _______.
  5. Which of the following is an example of bilingual education in a U.S. school?
  1. a autonomy versus shame and doubt
  2. b postconventional
  3. c Maria's first language is Spanish, so she has a teacher who speaks Spanish during some of her classes until Maria can learn more English.
  4. d cross-cultural
  5. e salient; relavent

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  1. more muscle; more fat.
  2. insecure resistant
  3. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  4. girls engage in more prosocial behavior
  5. placenta

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  1. A toddler is likely to learn something in the zone of proximal development (ZPD) if:the task is more difficult that the child can do alone


  2. Overall, the effects of television on children's development are:some positive, some negative


  3. By age 50, many people need reading glasses or bifocals to improve their vision. This physiological change is a good example of a:normative age-graded influence on development


  4. Mandy is rocking her newborn baby to sleep. Which of the following would be the easiest for her child to hear?slightly louder sounds


  5. Two year old Anita has learned the word "dog" to identify the family pet Rover. Now Anita says the word "dog" when she sees any animal. Anita has____________these animals into her existing schemeassimilated


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