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  1. Jerome Kagan's views on attachment stress
  2. • Howard Gardner has developed _______ types of intelligence.
  3. Which of the following is an example of bilingual education in a U.S. school?
  4. Dr. Tepper-Harmon believes that life-span development cannot be studied without considering biological, socioemotional, and cognitive dimensions. Dr. Tepper-Harmon believes that development is:
  5. When her mother asks Selena why she feels so sad, Selena says it is because her best friend just lost her puppy. Selena is exhibiting:
  1. a empathy
  2. b the child's temperament and genitic characteristics
  3. c Maria's first language is Spanish, so she has a teacher who speaks Spanish during some of her classes until Maria can learn more English.
  4. d 8
  5. e multidimensional

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  1. it can become self-fulfilling prophecy
  2. take the responsibility of the task they are learning from the adault who is helping.
  3. o -practical
  4. be patient and recognize that Brendan is developing as a normal 3 year old.
  5. There are few or no changes that occur during adulthood.

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  1. People remember very little about what happened in the early years of their lives. This is called:infantile amnesia


  2. • Women tend to have about _______.twice as much body fat as men


  3. Alicia and Jason are watching their two sons have a fight. One of the sons is almost 5 years old, and the other is just over 3 years old. According to research on parental response to sibling behaviors, which is the most likely response that Alicia and Jason will demonstrate?They will do nothing at all


  4. • Why are there more elementary and secondary school children living in stepfamilies than there are infants and preschool children?It takes time to marry, have children, divorce, and remarry


  5. Overall, the effects of television on some children's development are:some positive, some negative


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