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  1. In the United States, parents tend to prefer children with a(n) ___________ temperament, whereas in China, a(n) _________ temperament is more highly valued.
  2. A loss of impairment of language ability caused by brain injury is called
  3. Approximately_________of lesbins are parents.
  4. The Harry Harlow (1958) study concluded that contact comfort is more important for attachment than feeding. What evidence was used to support this conclusion?
  5. According to Urie Bronfenbrenner, this contextual environment consists of the influences exerted by the culture in which an individual lives.
  1. a aphasia
  2. b active; inhibited
  3. c Baby monkeys spent more time with cloth surrogate mothers than with wire surrogate mothers.
  4. d 20%
  5. e macrosystem

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  1. 75%
  2. child abuse
  3. Boys are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  4. learn to identify others' emotional states; anticipate what will improve others' emotional states.
  5. control group does not receive the independent variable.

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  1. • Eight-year-old Joshua is obese. His excess weight puts him at risk for all of the following, EXCEPT:anemia.


  2. Which of the following disorders is LEAST likely to happen to a mother 16 - 34 years oldbeing bullied over his looks or his speech


  3. • Why are there more elementary and secondary school children living in stepfamilies than there are infants and preschool children?bilingualism may be related to poorer formal language proficiency


  4. • What is the second most common cause of death for the child in middle childhood?cancer


  5. Janine impatiently grabs the door handle from her toddler daughter, quickly opens the door, and hurries the little girl through. Erik Erikson would say that Janine's daughterwell develop a sence of shame and doubt if this type of interaction occurs constitently


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