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Human Growth and Development Test

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  1. Maybe you've hear the song that goes, "Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls!" The song goes on to sing, "It's the story of a man named Brady who was living with three boys of his own." The fact that the Brady Bunch was about two single parents, each with their own children, who got married created a _________ family.
  2. Jeff is independent, flexible, cheerful, friendly, assertive, tactful, comfortable with making decisions, sensitive to the feelings of others, and sympathetic. Jeff can best be described as:
  3. Dr. Widaman is researching the cultural differences in school performance between Japanese and American children. He is comparing math scores between two groups of fifth graders. One of his groups is from Japan and the other group is from the United States. Dr. Widaman is conducting a __________ study.
  4. WHich of these is TRUE of gender schema theory
  5. • What is the best explanation for why minorities earn lower scores on IQ tests?
  1. a cross-cultural
  2. b androgynous
  3. c o -environment
  4. d blended
  5. e This theory states how idea of gender appropriateness are developed.

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  1. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  2. straightforwardly teaching a child a new skill
  3. their age
  4. observable actions
  5. -Socioemotional

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  1. Which of the following best describes the realtion between centration and conservation?Lack of conservation is reflected in centration


  2. About _______of parents who abuse their children were abused as children themselves.1/3


  3. • Howard Gardner has developed _______ types of intelligence.10%


  4. • A second-grader is in what stage of cognitive development?All of the following are peer statuses, EXCEPT:


  5. • Cassandra is assertive and nurturant. She could be described as:androgynous


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