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  1. • Which of the following terms refers to domain-specific evaluations of the self?
  2. What makes one stage more advanced than another in Jean Piaget's theory?
  3. Using props, plots, and roles in play is characteristic of
  4. Five-year-old Marta draws a picture with pretty lavender, purple, and blue colors intermixed with green, yellow, and brown. "Its a boat on the ocean at sunset, with whales jumping all around it!" she explans to her teacher. Marta is showing clear evidensce of :
  5. How would an 8-year-old child most likely describe herself?
  1. a "I am nice, and I have a friend named Julie."
  2. b self-concept
  3. c symbolic function
  4. d pretense/symbolic play
  5. e the child's new way of understanding the world

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  1. well develop a sence of shame and doubt if this type of interaction occurs constitently
  2. boys usually show less self-regulation
  3. The status of females in relation to males is different in different ethnic groups
  4. macrosystem
  5. social smiling

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  1. Which of the following emotions are not in the same "category" as the other three?fear


  2. Jerome Kagan's views on attachment stress:birth


  3. Jean Piaget claimed that children between the ages of 2 and 7 years are in a stage called preoperationalchildren at this age do not yet use mental operations in their thought


  4. Research linking corporal punishment and child behavior hasbeen associated with all of the following, EXCEPT:higher levels of moral internalization


  5. Project _______is a program designed to break the cycle of poverty and oor education for children form economically disadvantaged backgrounds.Head Start


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