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  1. Infant's ability to regulate their emotions is positively correlated with
  2. As children move through the zone of proximal development (ZPD), they
  3. • Self-esteem is to _______ self-evaluation as self-concept is to _______ self-evaluation
  4. When put on the floor to play, baby Elaine cries as if she wants to be held. When her mother picks her up, though, Elaine pushes away with both arms and turns her head away. Mary Ainsworth would say that Elaine is:
  5. • Colin does not earn high grades on standardized tests but has a black belt in martial arts. According to Gardner, Colin has _______ skills.
  1. a . take the responsibility of the task they are learning from the adult who is helping them.
  2. b o -global; domain-specific
  3. c their age
  4. d bodily-kinesthetic
  5. e insecure resistant.

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  1. self-efficacy
  2. studying the same individuals over a long period of time
  3. one-third
  4. reward Nellie when she does not bang her head, and punish the head-banging behavior
  5. increased myelination in the central nervous system

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  1. In an experimental design, the dependent variablecan change only in response to a change in the independent


  2. Mandy watches as another little girl in the grocery store throws a screaming tantrum to get a toy. The next week at the mall, Mandy begins screaming and crying to get some candy. Mandy is showing:reflexive smiling


  3. Using props, plots, and roles in play is characteristic ofpretense/symbolic play


  4. Research linking corporal punishment and child behavior hasbeen associated with all of the following, EXCEPT:higher levels of moral internalization


  5. Compared to lower socioeconomincs status (SES) parents, higher SES parents are more likely to:Emphasize delaying gratification


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