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  1. Despite the fact that the material being covered in the current chapter of Michael's math class is quite difficult, he is very confident that he will be able to master the concepts if he works hard. Michael is demonstrating a high level of
  2. Suzanne believes that helping children develop their independence while still placing appropriate boundaries and limits on their actions is the most important function of parenting. Suzanne is probably a(n):
  3. Knowing about knowing is referred to as:
  4. • At which stage of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development does a person understand that values and laws are relative, and that standards may vary from one person to another?
  5. Alicia and Jason are watching their two sons have a fight. One of the sons is almost 5 years old, and the other is just over 3 years old. According to research on parental response to sibling behaviors, which is the most likely response that Alicia and Jason will demonstrate?
  1. a social contract or utility and individual rights
  2. b metacognition
  3. c self-efficacy
  4. d They will do nothing at all
  5. e authoritative parent.

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  1. fear
  2. -James Flynn
  3. more muscle; more fat
  4. by 6 months of age
  5. adaptation

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  1. • Researchers have found that increased aerobic activity is associated with increases in which important cognitive activity in children?James Flynn


  2. The longitudinal method of research consists of:studying the same individuals over a long period of time


  3. What does the research indicate about gender differences in learning disabilities?Boys are more likely to have a learning disability


  4. In an experimental design, the dependent variable:can change only in response to a change in the independent variable.


  5. • Females are often perceived as more emotionally expressive than males. This could be because females:students in grades 2 through 11 had no significant differences in math scores


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