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  1. Axon is to _________ as dendrite is to _________.
  2. Which public service announcement would be most beneficial in preventing cultural-familial retardation?
  3. One of the differences between Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson is that:
  4. Suzanne believes that helping children develop their independence while still placing appropriate boundaries and limits on their actions is the most important function of parenting. Suzanne is probably a(n):
  5. • Jacob is a third-grader with a disability that had caused him to be separated from his peers during the school day. Just recently, Jacob has been moved to the regular third-grade classroom. What is this change called?
  1. a authoritative parent.
  2. b carrying signals away from the cell body; carrying signals to the cell body
  3. c . Erik Erikson saw that development occurred throughout the life span.
  4. d inclusion
  5. e Give your children an enriched environment.

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  1. hypothesize several different types of intelligence
  2. 50%
  3. control group does not receive the independent variable.
  4. distinguish among different perspectives.
  5. labeling

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  1. Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of friendship that is proposed by Gottman and Parker?healthy conflict


  2. A child is presented with two identical balls of clay. The experimenter rolls one ball into a long, thin shape; the other remains in its original ball. The child is then asked if there is more clay in the ball or in the long, thin piece of clay. If the child answers the problem correctly, the child most likely is in which stage of Piaget's cognitive development theory?93nd


  3. • Comparing the math abilities of males and females shows that. gender differences result from the contrasting roles of women and men in most cultures


  4. Beth, who is 6 months old, had a 17 year old mother who isnot sure about how to interact with her. Beth's mother is inconsistant, sometimes responding to Beth's needs and sometimes mot responding to her needs. Beth mostlikely will be a(n) _________infantinsecure resistant


  5. Tiesha's behavior is controlled by external rewards and punishments reflecting which level of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development?preconventional reasoning


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