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  1. diatribe
  2. antagonize
  3. eloquent
  4. iconoclast
  5. analogous
  1. a similar or alike in some way; equivalent to
  2. b an abusive, condemnatory speech
  3. c persuasive and moving, especially in speech
  4. d one who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions
  5. e to annoy or provoke to anger

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  1. intricate and complicated
  2. impartial and honest in speech
  3. urgent; requiring immediate action
  4. to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead
  5. outgoing, socialble

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  1. fawnpredictable, cliched, boring


  2. abscondto perceive; to recognize


  3. bolstersevere or stern in appearance; undecorated


  4. anomalydeviation from what is normal


  5. condoneto overlook, pardon, or disregard


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