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  1. Cour d'honneur
  2. pierced stretcher
  3. Hotel de sully Courtyard, Paris
  4. Hotel Matignon, Paris
  5. Chaines
  1. a
  2. b Open forecourt, sometimes literally translated as "Court of Honour", is the architectural term for defining a three-sided courtyard, created when the main central block, or corps de logis, is flanked by symmetrical advancing secondary wings, containing minor rooms.
  3. c a type of wall decoration used in 17th century French domestic architecture consists of vertical bands of rusticated masonry which divides the facades into panels or bays
  4. d a carved stretcher that one is able to see threw
  5. e

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  1. Three evenings a week where Louis XIV was "at home" to his court. Characterized by a formal informality.
  2. Flower gardens arranged in formal, often symmetrical, patterns with separating paths
  3. The central support of a medieval doorway.

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  1. FB Louis XIV Commodes


  2. Place des Vosges-


  3. Portieresa heavy curtain hung across a doorway


  4. FB Louis XIV Writing desk


  5. Hotel Matignon, Paris


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