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  1. Frontispiece
  2. Louis XIV Bedroom - Versailles
  3. Chaines
  4. Salon
  5. FB Louis XIV inlaid table
  1. a a type of wall decoration used in 17th century French domestic architecture consists of vertical bands of rusticated masonry which divides the facades into panels or bays
  2. b a room used primarily for exhibition of art objects; a drawing room.
  3. c the decorated front wall or bay of a building. An ornamental porch or chief pediment.
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Charles le brun - Painter
  2. a carved stretcher that one is able to see threw

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  1. Savonnerie & aubusson rugshe Savonnerie carpets from their creation were woven by the royal manufacturer for Louis XIV to Louis XVI. Only the king was able to own or rarely sell a Savonnerie carpet, leading to the development of the Aubusson. These flat woven carpets emulated the designs of the Savonnerie carpets. This lead to its vast popularity with the wealthy European community. Aubusson rugs graced the floors throughout all of Europe in the 17th and the 18th century.


  2. FauteuilFrench term for Private residents for French Aristocracy.


  3. Louis XIV Canape


  4. Hotel Matignon, ParisFrench term for Private residents for French Aristocracy.


  5. Trumeau: golden or gilded brass or bronze used for decorative purposes (as in mounts for furniture)


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