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  1. FB Louis XIV Writing desk
  2. Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) - Versailles. Architect Jules Hardouin Mansart- 3rd Building
  3. Saltire stretcher
  4. Hotel
  5. Appartement
  1. a
  2. b Stretchers in X-form of Italian origin, sometimes scrolled or in serpentine form with a finial in the center
  3. c French term for Private residents for French Aristocracy.
  4. d
  5. e Three evenings a week where Louis XIV was "at home" to his court. Characterized by a formal informality.

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  1. A technique developed by Andre-Charles Boulle (1642-1732) of inlaying brass with tortoiseshell and, sometimes, pewter, fashionable and highly prized in France throughout the 18th century
  2. a room used primarily for exhibition of art objects; a drawing room.
  3. a ceiling having a cove at it's intersection with the wall.
  4. the decorated front wall or bay of a building. An ornamental porch or chief pediment.

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  1. TabouretThe central support of a medieval doorway.


  2. En Suitewood paneling on interior walls usually floor to ceiling, as a rule inriched by carving, gilding, painting, or , rarely inlaying.


  3. Parterresa heavy curtain hung across a doorway


  4. pierced stretchera carved stretcher that one is able to see threw


  5. Hotel Matignon, ParisFrench term for Private residents for French Aristocracy.


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