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  1. Harry Harlow
  2. Ivan Pavlov
  3. Phillip Zimbardo
  4. Gibson & Walk
  5. Alfred Adler
  1. a Social Psychologist; Did the "Stanford Prison Study" on role-playing
  2. b Studied depth perception using the "visual cliff"
  3. c Russian Physiologist; classical conditioning (salivation in dogs)
  4. d Attachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys
  5. e Neo-Freudian; Focused on the "inferiority complex"

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  1. Observational Learning ("modeling"); Reciprocal determinism
  2. Studied sensory (iconic) memory
  3. Discovered that a portion of the hypothalamus was smaller in gay men
  4. Cognitive theorist; Studied Locus of Control
  5. Cognitive behaviorist; studied "learned helplessness" and was a proponent of "positive psychology"

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  1. Phineas GageStages of Cognitive Development


  2. Lewis TermanStudied gifted kids; Revised Simon-Binet to the Stanford-Binet IQ test


  3. Blakemore & CooperStudied sensory restriction in kittens


  4. Walter MischelFunctionalist; 1st president of APA; Wrote "Principle of Psychology" in 1890


  5. William JamesGroupthink


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