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  1. Walter Mischel
  2. William James
  3. Henry Murray
  4. Edward L. Thorndike
  5. Hermann Ebbinghaus
  1. a Memory researcher; Used "nonsense syllables"; Described the learning and forgetting curves
  2. b Thematic Apperception Test (TAT); studies achievement motivation
  3. c Behaviorist; 1st studies on animal learning (cats and the puzzle box); Law of Effect
  4. d Proponent of "the situation" in the "person-situation" debate in personality theory
  5. e Functionalist; 1st president of APA; Wrote "Principle of Psychology" in 1890

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  1. Neo-Freudian; Psychosocial Stages of Development
  2. Sex researcher who conducted interviews in the 1930's
  3. Behaviorist; classical conditioning; "Little Albert" study
  4. Trait Theorist; Personality questionnaire based on two personality dimensions
  5. Attachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys

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  1. Fritz HeiderAttribution Theory; Fundamental Attribution Error


  2. Blakemore & CooperNobel Prize for "feature detection" in vision


  3. Leon FestingerCognitive Dissonance Theory


  4. B. F. SkinnerAttribution Theory; Fundamental Attribution Error


  5. Albert BanduraCognitive perspective; Developed RET (Rational Emotive Therapy)


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