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  1. Darley & Latane
  2. Masters & Johnson
  3. Charles Spearman
  4. Alfred Kinsey
  5. Ewald Hering
  1. a Sex researchers: Described the sexual response cycle
  2. b Sex researcher who conducted interviews in the 1930's
  3. c Opponent-Process Theory of Color Vision
  4. d Studied the "bystander effect" or "diffusion of responsibility"
  5. e General Intelligence or "g" underlies IQ. If you are intelligent in one area, you are probably smart in others.

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  1. Structuralist; "objective introspection"
  2. Language theorist; Linguistic Determinism (Language Affects Thinking)
  3. Humanist; Hierarchy of Needs; Self-actualization
  4. Cognitive Dissonance Theory
  5. Structuralist; 1st psychology lab (in Germany)

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  1. Julian RotterStages of Cognitive Development


  2. Conrad LorenzStudied "imprinting" in birds


  3. Robert SternbergObservational Learning ("modeling"); Reciprocal determinism


  4. B. F. SkinnerCognitive Dissonance Theory


  5. Albert EllisCognitive perspective; Developed RET (Rational Emotive Therapy)


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