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  1. Edward L. Thorndike
  2. Hermann von Helmholtz
  3. Soloman Asch
  4. Diana Baumrind
  5. Julian Rotter
  1. a Behaviorist; 1st studies on animal learning (cats and the puzzle box); Law of Effect
  2. b Trichromatic Theory of Color Vision
  3. c Cognitive theorist; Studied Locus of Control
  4. d Parenting Styles
  5. e Conformity studies; judging the length of lines

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  1. Groupthink
  2. 1st American psych lab; Wrote the text, "Adolescence"
  3. Humanist; Hierarchy of Needs; Self-actualization
  4. Language theorist; Universal Grammar Theory (born to learn grammar)
  5. Divided consciousness theory of hypnosis; the "hidden observer"

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  1. Robert SternbergTriarchic Theory of Intelligence: analytical, practical, and creative intelligence


  2. Chess & ThomasStudied depth perception using the "visual cliff"


  3. Edward TolmanStructuralist; "objective introspection"


  4. Henry MurrayThematic Apperception Test (TAT); studies achievement motivation


  5. Phillip ZimbardoFunctionalist; 1st president of APA; Wrote "Principle of Psychology" in 1890


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