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  1. Darley & Latane
  2. Jean Piaget
  3. Francis Galton
  4. Chess & Thomas
  5. A. Simon & T. Binet
  1. a Stages of Cognitive Development
  2. b 1st intelligence test for children; later revised to become the Stanford-Binet
  3. c Temperament studies
  4. d Studied the "bystander effect" or "diffusion of responsibility"
  5. e Believed head size was related to intelligence

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  1. Obedience studies using "shock"
  2. Split-brain experiments
  3. Nobel Prize for "feature detection" in vision
  4. Humanist; Hierarchy of Needs; Self-actualization
  5. Sex researchers: Described the sexual response cycle

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  1. Elizabeth Kubler-RossMemory construction; False memory syndrome; eye-witness identification


  2. Mary AinsworthAttachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys


  3. Benjamin WhorfLanguage theorist; Linguistic Determinism (Language Affects Thinking)


  4. Harry HarlowAttachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys


  5. Ivan PavlovRussian Physiologist; classical conditioning (salivation in dogs)


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