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  1. Elizabeth Loftus
  2. Fritz Heider
  3. Sperry & Gazziniga
  4. Diana Baumrind
  5. Jean Piaget
  1. a Parenting Styles
  2. b Memory construction; False memory syndrome; eye-witness identification
  3. c Stages of Cognitive Development
  4. d Split-brain experiments
  5. e Attribution Theory; Fundamental Attribution Error

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  1. Russian Physiologist; classical conditioning (salivation in dogs)
  2. Neo-Freudian; Introversion/Extroversion; Collective unconscious & archetypes
  3. Structuralist; "objective introspection"
  4. Behaviorist; 1st studies on animal learning (cats and the puzzle box); Law of Effect
  5. Sex researcher who conducted interviews in the 1930's

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  1. Ernest HilgardStress and the "General Adaptation Syndrome"


  2. Julian RotterHumanist; client-centered therapy; "Unconditional Positive Regard"


  3. Chess & ThomasStudied depth perception using the "visual cliff"


  4. Henry MurrayThematic Apperception Test (TAT); studies achievement motivation


  5. Edward TolmanCognitive psychologist; Latent Learning & cognitive maps in rats


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