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  1. eloquence
  2. cohesive
  3. rhetoric
  4. implication
  5. vindicated
  1. a the act of suggesting or hinting
  2. b logically consistent
  3. c the ability to speak vividly or persuasively
  4. d cleared of blame
  5. e the art of using language effectively and persuasivley

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  1. a declaration or statement
  2. verbal expression or exchange; conversation
  3. instructive
  4. convincing; reasonable
  5. clearness in thought or expression

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  1. fluideasily understood; clear


  2. coherentconvincing; reasonable


  3. substantiatedsupported with proof


  4. exculpatethe ability to speak vividly or persuasively


  5. objectivitytreating facts without influence from personal feelings or prejudices


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