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  1. dormant
  2. muse
  3. genetics
  4. revolutionary
  5. conundrum
  1. a something or someone that is inspiring to an artist
  2. b a difficult problem; a dilemma
  3. c inactive; lying asleep; not erupting
  4. d support for radical change or innovation
  5. e science of heredity and genes

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  1. intolerant of any other beliefs or opinions
  2. a nest of social wasps
  3. pretend; fake; false
  4. a person who is relected; an outcast
  5. the social, intellectual, or physical force that characterizes a system or group

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  1. denseacting dull or slow-witted; thinking in a stupid manner


  2. dronea remote control mechanism


  3. inconspicuousthe inner sense of what is right or wrong


  4. indoctrinationteaching someone to accept an idea or principle without criticism


  5. tenaciousnot straightforward; shifty or crooked


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