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  1. vespiary
  2. hazing
  3. delinquency
  4. sensibilities
  5. asphyxiated
  1. a choked; suffocated; smothered
  2. b a nest of social wasps
  3. c decisions based on personal feelings rather than facts
  4. d to abuse newcomers with humiliating tricks and ridicule
  5. e wrongful; illegal; failure to fulfill a duty or obligation

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  1. to withdraw or go back
  2. unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners
  3. a hole or hideout animals use to take shelter;a hideout
  4. something or someone that is inspiring to an artist
  5. a sacred place offering refuge or safety

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  1. dronea remote control mechanism


  2. dynamicsscience of heredity and genes


  3. degradingstraying from the right course


  4. densesomething or someone that is inspiring to an artist


  5. allegedlysomething that has been described but not proven


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