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  1. leper
  2. sanctuary
  3. pruning
  4. banished
  5. conscience
  1. a to cut off, clear, or remove
  2. b a person who is relected; an outcast
  3. c the inner sense of what is right or wrong
  4. d a sacred place offering refuge or safety
  5. e forced to leave; drive away; expelled

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  1. acting dull or slow-witted; thinking in a stupid manner
  2. to make someone appear guilty in a crime
  3. shy, modest, coy
  4. humiliating; disgrace; dishonor
  5. to persuade by pleading or flattery

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  1. tenaciousnot straightforward; shifty or crooked


  2. asphyxiateda nest of social wasps


  3. demerita mark against someone for misconduct


  4. vaguelynot clear or definite; hazy


  5. hazingdark; gloomy; pale in color ;sickly ;unhappy


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