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  1. tenacious
  2. incriminate
  3. errant
  4. revolutionary
  5. allegedly
  1. a straying from the right course
  2. b persistent; stubborn; vicious; not easily pulled apart
  3. c to make someone appear guilty in a crime
  4. d something that has been described but not proven
  5. e support for radical change or innovation

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  1. choked; suffocated; smothered
  2. force or speed of movement; motion
  3. science of heredity and genes
  4. to stir, encourage, or egg on
  5. pensive; thoughtful in a sad way; longing yearning

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  1. subjectivitysurrendering power to another; acting in a way of meekness


  2. pruningto cut off, clear, or remove


  3. fostera person who is relected; an outcast


  4. burrowa hole or hideout animals use to take shelter;a hideout


  5. maladjustedsomething or someone that is inspiring to an artist


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