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  1. refurbished
  2. reluctance
  3. genetics
  4. burrow
  5. revolutionary
  1. a a hole or hideout animals use to take shelter;a hideout
  2. b unwillingness; resisting
  3. c to make clean, bright, or fresh again;renovate
  4. d science of heredity and genes
  5. e support for radical change or innovation

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  1. dark; gloomy; pale in color ;sickly ;unhappy
  2. teaching someone to accept an idea or principle without criticism
  3. acting dull or slow-witted; thinking in a stupid manner
  4. pensive; thoughtful in a sad way; longing yearning
  5. a mark against someone for misconduct

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  1. allegedlya person who is relected; an outcast


  2. fosterto persuade by pleading or flattery


  3. reputationunwillingness; resisting


  4. imbecilesa group of stupid or silly people


  5. sanctuarya sacred place offering refuge or safety


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