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  1. xenophobic
  2. dynamics
  3. wistful
  4. inciting
  5. tenacious
  1. a persistent; stubborn; vicious; not easily pulled apart
  2. b unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners
  3. c the social, intellectual, or physical force that characterizes a system or group
  4. d pensive; thoughtful in a sad way; longing yearning
  5. e to stir, encourage, or egg on

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. a difficult problem; a dilemma
  2. dark; gloomy; pale in color ;sickly ;unhappy
  3. teaching someone to accept an idea or principle without criticism
  4. a group of stupid or silly people
  5. force or speed of movement; motion

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  1. allegedlya person who is relected; an outcast


  2. dormantinactive; lying asleep; not erupting


  3. demeritshy, modest, coy


  4. delinquencywrongful; illegal; failure to fulfill a duty or obligation


  5. sanctuarya sacred place offering refuge or safety


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