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  1. consistency
  2. reputation
  3. dense
  4. delinquency
  5. vaguely
  1. a how the public views or regards an individual
  2. b wrongful; illegal; failure to fulfill a duty or obligation
  3. c keeping the same behavior, form , pattern, or principles
  4. d acting dull or slow-witted; thinking in a stupid manner
  5. e not clear or definite; hazy

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  1. something that nourishes or cares for; encouraging
  2. unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners
  3. a difficult problem; a dilemma
  4. support for radical change or innovation
  5. straying from the right course

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  1. bigotedforced to leave; drive away; expelled


  2. dormantstraying from the right course


  3. dynamicsthe social, intellectual, or physical force that characterizes a system or group


  4. coaxessomething that nourishes or cares for; encouraging


  5. geneticsscience of heredity and genes


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