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  1. inconspicuous
  2. momentum
  3. drone
  4. retreat
  5. imbeciles
  1. a to withdraw or go back
  2. b force or speed of movement; motion
  3. c a group of stupid or silly people
  4. d not noticable; invisible
  5. e a remote control mechanism

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  1. a person who is relected; an outcast
  2. to make someone appear guilty in a crime
  3. straying from the right course
  4. teaching someone to accept an idea or principle without criticism
  5. intolerant of any other beliefs or opinions

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  1. burrowa hole or hideout animals use to take shelter;a hideout


  2. wandark; gloomy; pale in color ;sickly ;unhappy


  3. psuedoa person who is relected; an outcast


  4. pruningto abuse newcomers with humiliating tricks and ridicule


  5. asphyxiatedchoked; suffocated; smothered


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