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  1. bigoted
  2. leper
  3. wan
  4. coaxes
  5. foster
  1. a something that nourishes or cares for; encouraging
  2. b to persuade by pleading or flattery
  3. c intolerant of any other beliefs or opinions
  4. d a person who is relected; an outcast
  5. e dark; gloomy; pale in color ;sickly ;unhappy

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  1. unwillingness; resisting
  2. teaching someone to accept an idea or principle without criticism
  3. pretend; fake; false
  4. to make someone appear guilty in a crime
  5. emotions or feelings

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  1. recessivegoing back; receding; a gene that does not produce


  2. allegedlynot clear or definite; hazy


  3. xenophobicpersistent; stubborn; vicious; not easily pulled apart


  4. deviouspersistent; stubborn; vicious; not easily pulled apart


  5. dronea remote control mechanism


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