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  1. تمسّك ب
  2. طعوم
  3. أجاب عن/على
  4. التعريب
  5. الإجابة
  1. a the arabization
  2. b the answer, response
  3. c to answer (a question)
  4. d flavors, tastes
  5. e to hold fast to, stick, adhere to (a principle or value)

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  1. dialects, manners of speaking; tongues
  2. it is well-known that (with ع ر ف)
  3. if only, even if only
  4. the speech, address; discourse (فعال)
  5. the self-questioning, pondering

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  1. أجوبةanswers


  2. جازto be permissible


  3. لهجةdialect, manner of speaking; tongue


  4. حالةneed, necessity


  5. مسألةfor a time, temporary


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