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  1. Perjury
  2. Deliberate
  3. Disparities
  4. Acquittal
  5. Hang this Jury
  1. a n. marked differences or distinctions
  2. b n. the act of lying under oath
  3. c n. dismissal of criminal charges
  4. d n. keep the jury from reaching a decision, thus forcing a new trial
  5. e v. think about and discuss carefully in order to reach a decision

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  1. n. enjoyment that comes from seeing others in pain
  2. n. a person stubbornly attached to particular opinions
  3. v. to voluntarily withdraw
  4. n. apartment with narrow rooms arranged in a line
  5. n. a doubt about the guilt of a defendant that comes from fair and thorough review of the evidence

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  1. Rapportn. sympathic relationship; argeement; harmony


  2. Intimidatev. force agreement or submission by threats or demands


  3. Monopolyn. sympathic relationship; argeement; harmony


  4. Staticv. to voluntarily withdraw


  5. Verdictn. the decision reached at the end of a trial


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