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  1. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors
  2. High dose dopamine
  3. Beta 1
  4. Unclassified antidysrhythmics
  5. Sympathomimetics
  1. a Increase conduction/ heart rate / contractility/ stroke volume
  2. b positive inotropes, positive vasodilators, increases CO due to decreased afterload /// Amrinone (Inocor) and Milrinone (Primacor) decreases afterload
  3. c stimulate adrenergic receptors (norepinephrine, dopamine/// they can be alpha adrenergics, beta 1 adrenergics, beta 2 adrenergics, and dopaminergic
  4. d Adenosine /// slows conduction through AV node, causes transient AV block and is used to treat SVT /// Magnesium /// treatment for torsades de pointes
  5. e 11-20 mcg/kg/min has an alpha effect and vasoconstricts /// high doses increase SVR, increase BP, increase the workload of the heart

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  1. vasodilation and vasoconstriction
  2. sodium channel blockers - slow down contractility - prolong the absolute refractory period
  3. arterial vasodilators // decreases blood pressure // both coronary and peripheral arteries /// used to treat hypertension, angina, antidysrhythmics (SVT's), watch for hypotension/// Procardia, Cardizem, Verapamil
  4. Peripheral arteeriole vasoconstrictors// push fluid from the peripheral to the trunk // Increases preload and afterload /// Increases blood pressure/// Used in hypotensive patients /// increases mVo2 and decreases circulation to the extremities (fingers and toes)
  5. treat with fluids or peripheral vasoconstrictors

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  1. ContractilityEfficiency and strength of contraction


  2. Amrinone (Inocor)used for heart failure//increases contractility and vasodilates // loading dose is 0.75 mg/kg bolus // infusion 5-10 mcg/kg/min


  3. Nipridebreaks down into cyanide, light sensitive, venous and arterial vasodilation, weight based, given to decrease blood pressure, decreases preload and afterload, .5 mcg/kg.min and titrate (avg. = 3mcg/kg/min) watch blood pressure!


  4. Isoproterenol (Isuprel)amount of blood pumped out of the left ventricle per beat


  5. Catecholaminespotent arterial vasodilator// IV 5-10 mg q 4-8 hours // usually given between continuous infusion and oral dose of hypertensive meds


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