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  1. Nitroglycerin
  2. Dobutamine (Dobutrex)
  3. Extremely high dose dopamine
  4. DA-1 receptor agonist
  5. Catecholamines
  1. a beta 1 effect with all doses which increases contractility /// Do NOT give for blood pressure /// decreases contractility /// used in patients with decreased CO and end stage heart disease /// it IS weight based /// low dose < 5, medium dose 5-20, high dose > 20
  2. b potent vasodilator, affects peripheral, renal and mesentary arteries, alternative to nipride // Clorazapam
  3. c venous vasodilator, increases coronary perfusion, decreases preload, comes in a glass bottle, 5 mcg/min and titrate/// WATCH blood pressure
  4. d Produce sympathomimetic response (stimulate the heart rate and blood pressure) Naturally occuring = dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and phenylephrine/// synthetic = dobutamine and isoproterenol
  5. e > 20 also alpha but more potent

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  1. peripheral vasodilators, decrease PVR, Nipride, Nitroglycerin, and Hydralazine
  2. Beta adrenergic blockers /// Blocks stimulation of sympathetic nervous system /// slows AV conduction /// Treatment for SVT's, A fib, A flutter /// Esmolol, Metoprolol, Propranolol
  3. Increase conduction/ heart rate / contractility/ stroke volume
  4. alter blood pressure by altering preload and afterload, alters distribution of blood in teh body
  5. potent arterial vasodilator// IV 5-10 mg q 4-8 hours // usually given between continuous infusion and oral dose of hypertensive meds

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  1. Unclassified antidysrhythmicssodium channel blockers - slow down contractility - prolong the absolute refractory period


  2. Class IV drugsCalcium channel blockers /// primarily in sinus, AV nodes and atrial tissue /// treatment for SVT /// Verapamil, and Cardizem /// they slow the heart rate and decrease irritability


  3. High dose dopamine11-20 mcg/kg/min has an alpha effect and vasoconstricts /// high doses increase SVR, increase BP, increase the workload of the heart


  4. Low dose dopamine (Intropin) is an inotrope< 3 mcg/kh/min has a dopaminergic effect (vasodilates) and is used to improve perfusion of the kidneys


  5. high preloadtreat with fluids or peripheral vasoconstrictors


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