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  1. Which herb in the Tonify Qi category is used for tonifying both qi and blood and transforming SP damp, strengthening wei qi, stopping sweating, and raising yang?
  2. The following herbs are in which category? Niu Bang Zi, Chan Tui, Ju Hua
  3. Which herb in the Tonify Qi category is used for tonifying the SP (not the LU) and also calms fetus movements?
  4. Lonicerae Flos
  5. Which herb in the Cool the Blood category clears liver fire and cools blood stasis?
  1. a Mu Dan Pi
  2. b Bai Zhu
  3. c Huang Qi
  4. d Jin Yin Hua
  5. e Cool Acrid Release the Exterior

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  1. Herbs that Cool the Blood
  2. Ju Hua
  3. Sha Shen
  4. Bing Lang
  5. Herbs that Clear Heat, Dry Damp

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  1. Attractylodis RhizomaCang Zhu


  2. Qing Hao is in which category?Herbs that Clear Heat from Deficiency


  3. A patient presents with pale complexion and pale nails, subcostal pain, fatigue, irritability, and sweating due to yin deficiency. Which herb in the Tonify Blood category would be most appropriate to treat this patient?Bai Shao


  4. The following subcategories fall under which general category? Herbs that Anchor, Settle, & Calm the Spirit and Herbs that Nourish the Heart & Calm the SpiritHerbs that Clear Heat and Resolve Toxicity


  5. Which herb from the Nourish the Heart, Calm the Spirit category treats poor memory, insomnia, agitation, and heart spirit?He Ye


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