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  1. Which herb enters all 12 channels?
  2. Amomi Fructus Rotundus
  3. Which herb in the Clear Heat, Dry Damp category is used topically and internally to treat parasites, fungus, athlete's foot and jock itch and chronic itching and painful urinary disfunction?
  4. Which herb in the Blood Tonifying category must be melted into strained decoction, tonifies the blood, stops bleeding, and moistens LU yin?
  5. Cyperi Rhizoma
  1. a Bai Dou Kou
  2. b Gan Cao
  3. c E Jiao
  4. d Xiang Fu
  5. e Ku Shen

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  1. Gao Ben
  2. Xia Ku Cao
  3. Herbs that Transform Phlegm and Stop Coughing
  4. Bai Zhu
  5. Gua Lou

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  1. Herbs in this category mostly tonify the kidneys, because they are the root of yang of the whole body, and also tonify the spleen and the heart.Herbs that Tonify Yang


  2. Which herb category treats very severe shen disorders (i.e. closed and open syndromes)?Aromatic Substances that Open the Orifices


  3. Which herb in the Purgatives category does not moisten the intestines, unblock bowels, transform phlegm, or generate fluids?Da Huang


  4. Which herb from the Dispel Wind Damp category benefits weak sinews and bones, treats edema, treats bi syndrome and low back pain, and treats impotence?Huang Qin


  5. Herbs that release the exterior dissipate and move qi but do NOT perform which function?Purge fire/clear heat


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