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  1. A patient presents with symptoms including relatively severe fever, slight chills, and a sore throat. Which two herbs represent the appropriate category to treat this patient?
  2. A patient presents with aversion to cold, cold limbs, pale complexion, profuse and clear urine, pale tongue, and a pulse that is submerged and thin. Which category would be most appropriate to treat this patient?
  3. The following subcategories fall under which general category? Herbs that Anchor, Settle, & Calm the Spirit and Herbs that Nourish the Heart & Calm the Spirit
  4. What herb is bitter, treats phlegm cold, coughing and wheezing and vomiting?
  5. Cimifugae Rhizoma
  1. a Xuan Fu Hua
  2. b Herbs that Calm the Spirit
  3. c Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
  4. d Bo He & Niu Bang Zi
  5. e Sheng Ma

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  1. Mu Tong
  2. Gua Lou Ren
  3. Herbs that Cool the Blood
  4. Bai Zi Ren
  5. Aromatic Substances that Open the Orifices

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  1. Qiang Huo is in which category?Purgatives


  2. Acanthopanacis CortexWu Jia Pi


  3. Herbs in this category mostly tonify the kidneys, because they are the root of yang of the whole body, and also tonify the spleen and the heart.Niu Bang Zi


  4. This herb, from the WARE category, treats measles?Jing Jie


  5. Which herb extinguishes wind, clears heat, stops tremors, and pacifies the liver?Gou Teng


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