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  1. Cinnamomi Ramulus
  2. Qing Hao is in which category?
  3. Cinnamomi Cortex
  4. Which herb, in the WARE category, does not treat internal cold disorders?
  1. a Rou Gui
  2. b Fang Feng
  3. c Herbs that Clear Heat from Deficiency
  4. d Gui Zhi

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  1. Bai Bu
  2. Lu Gen
  3. Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
  4. Zhi Zi
  5. Herbs that Stabilize and Bind

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  1. Aurantii FructusZhi Ke


  2. Toosendan FructusChuan Lian Zi


  3. Saposhnikoviae RadixFang Feng


  4. Herbs in this category are mainly minerals or shells and their function has traditionally been associated with their weight and density.Herbs that Anchor, Settle, & Calm the Spirit


  5. Gentianae CortexLong Dan Cao


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