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  1. Which herb(s) does promote urination to treat edema?
  2. Attractylodis Rhizoma
  3. Magnoliae Flos
  4. Paeoniae Radix Rubra
  5. What three herbs clear hot phlegm?
  1. a Qian Hu, Chuan Bei Mu, & Zhu Ru
  2. b Chi Shao
  3. c Ma Huang, Sang Bai Pi, & Fu Ling
  4. d Cang Zhu
  5. e Xin Yi Hua

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  1. Warm Acrid Release the Exterior
  2. Herbs that Drain Fire
  3. Sha Shen, Tian Men Dong & Mai Men Dong
  4. Herbs that Cool and Transform Phlegm-Heat
  5. Zhi Mu

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  1. Which herb in the Tonify Blood category has the specialty of brightening the eyes for blurred vision?Xuan Shen


  2. Which herb in the Yang Tonics category does the following functions? Helps to assist kidney yang and helps the kidney to grasp qi to treat wheezing and asthma, is salty and neutral, tonifies the lung qi and kidney essence to treat cough. This herb should be taken in pill or powder form.Ge Gie


  3. Which herb in the CARE category is a seed, yet does not moisten the intestines?Man Jing Zi


  4. Which herb in the CARE category is good for treating sore throat?Chan Tui


  5. Which category of herbs nourishes the sinews and network vessels, relaxes and softens muscles, stops pain, and supplements liver and kidney?Herbs that Dispel Wind Damp


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