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  1. that the Alien and Sedation acts violated the constitution, no other states supported Kentucky and Virginia
  2. to pay damages/fees for the us vessels the took.
  3. is what Hamilton believed that the elastic clause in the document grants the congress power to use means necessary to carry out the power such as setting up the bank. Jefferson believed in in the narrow or strict power.
  4. Hamilton believed in a loose or broad construction of the Constitution. He thought the bank was necessary and proper to carry out the government duties.
  5. It helped exports, it almost resulted in war between the US and Great Brittian, the US was able to make the Louisiana Purchase. Some engineers moved to the US.

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  1. Washington's farewell address - What did Washington warn against in the farewell address?Foreign alliances, no more than one political party, not to spend money we don't have


  2. XYZ affair - What affect did the XYZ affair have on US / French Relations?three Agents known as X Y & Z told the americans that they would not get talks w/the French minister unless they loaned France 10 million $ and pay the minister a bribe of $250,000. Adams refused to pay. The US canceled its treaties w/France and allowed US ships to sieze french vessels.


  3. Why did Jefferson oppose national bank?He believed (with Madison) in a narrow or strict view of Constitution and the Constitution did not give the government power to set up a national bank.


  4. John Adams elected president - What was noteworthy about his election?Washington urged on by Hamilton was prepared to enforce the tax and crush the Whiskey rebellion. They feared that not to act would weaken its authority.


  5. What the Judiciary Act EstablishedSecretary of War - Henry Knox, Secretary of State - Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of Treasury - Alexander Hamilton, Advise the Govt. for legal Matters - Edomen Randolph


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